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Alliance Charter

Hi dear Undead community,

I'm in process of making a rulebook for a homemade campagn for my little community and, to be honest, I realy dislike the Order/Destruction generalization in the BRB about alliances. Then, I would like to include an alliance charter (40k Style) to make them possible.

It's for a campagn then I prefer to be more permissive (for fun).

Now, one of my player started the table and I would like to have your advices about it, considering all the fluff. Since I didn't know that much all the background of each faction.

Green: Trusted Allies
Yellow: Desperate Allies
Red: Impossible
Blue: Special Allies (dont know yet, what could be conditions and effects)



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Hi Ohn,

I like the idea but I've got some input to give about the undead side of things. In Warhammer, undeath is portrayed as the exact opposite to chaos - undead minions are soulless and controlled, whereas vampires and other powerful undead creatures have taken their souls and bound them inside their own bodies where the gods can't reach them. I'd rate alliances between chaos and undead as impossible, and instead make them able to form desperate alliances with pretty much everyone else. Vampires are very varied in their ambitions and as long as the other party can look past the whole "living dead" thing, they can find common cause with most others. Tomb kings hate vampires more than anything else, though. They should probably be an impossible alliance as well.

This is not taking the End Times into account, by the way. Everything's being turned on its head with that.

Edit: And as far as I know, the undeath/chaos thing is the same in 40k. In one of the Dawn of War games there's a chaos lord who is entirely calm and cold throughout all the cutscene dialogue until the encounter with the necrons (the undead of 40k, more or less) where he suddenly reacts with both fear and anger when he realizes that their souls are gone.
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Yes I agree and for Vampire/Tomb King I didn't know yet if I should take into account End of Time. If I ban EoT stuff in the campagn then I agree that Tomb King and Vampire should be an Impossible Alliance, or "special".

Facts are, i'm kinda sure that every race could, in some means, ally anything with nice "fluff", am I wrong?

- Vampire/TK, Impossible or Special
- Vampire/TK: Beastmen, Warrior, Daemons Impossible


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Facts are, i'm kinda sure that every race could, in some means, ally anything with nice "fluff", am I wrong?
That's definitely true, at least in the sense that anyone can be willing to ally with anyone else as long as a bigger threat is nearby. Once that threat is gone then the alliance is going to break down instantly but that'll be after the battle is finished so not really important in the game.