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Allies with ogres

Dec 8, 2012
Hey all hope we all had a good Chrissy and new year. Got a question I noticed that ogres can team up with vamps. Being new to the fantasy world this was a new discovery which I was very excited about. So could someone tell me how does this work I have a feeling it's not as easy as getting 1500 pts of vamps and ogre and saying this is my 3k army I no ogre are treated as suspicious allies.
So rules to apply by are
- carnt use generals LD
- carnt use BSB
-characters carnt join other ally units
Can some explain how would I go about this.
Jan 24, 2008
We tend to avoid using allies since it does give rise to a lot of strange combination some of which very strong. Using for example on OK gunline together with vampire speed bumps, flyers and redirectors might be an efficient combo. But it also gives you

dwarf gunlines with magic and fast attack units

Low leadership armies getting support from a high leadership ally (when trusted allies) when low leadership is really priced into the unit cost for units.

even more obvious allies sometimes gives major effects. I usually play WE and when buffed by HE casters they can become very deadly.

I would strongly recommend discussing the use of allies with your opponents before setting up your army.

The Sun King

True Blood
Aug 22, 2012
We have alot of 2v2 games in my group but I tend to avoid them since I am a competetive player and dislike the added randomness of having two armies on the same side. How we do it is fairly simple though: Everyone is trusted allies. But I guess this isn't a good solution for people who likes fluff, but IMO the allies system is fairly abstract and nonsensical since OK is Neutral and not Forces of Destruction... how can a pillaging race of monsters who's only purpose in life is to EAT everybody be a "Neutral" army? But hey, I've never been a fan of Warhammer fluff :)


Staff member
True Blood
Nov 26, 2008
I think that most armies could produce some feasible mercenaries. Ogres are seen as neutral because they would probably be as likely to side with destruction as with order. I think.


Vampire Count
True Blood
Mar 12, 2008
We play a lot of 2v2 around here for fun and have played this combo before, having both. It is a real nasty combo of armies. Fast, hard hitting and covers the one weakness that VC have in no shooting. And a LOT of re-directers running around. Nothing like getting hit in the face with a Ogre-VC twin bus....:devil2: