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Jun 15, 2013
Pruszkow, Poland
Following @Leithel 's good example I decided to review a model I ordered some time ago, seeing as it really fits in our army and the company producing it is largely unknown. I will complain a bit, because it's not perfect and I would like to present a honest view of it, but it's still a very cool mini and I recommend it for anyone looking for a cool model.

The model I'm talking about is Varkai from Bloodkeep Miniatures, a small company based in Malta producing digitally sculpted, giant monsters cast in resin. I found a link on an other site about alternative models for undead and this creature fits perfectly as an alternative terrorgheist - it's a giant, monster undead were-bat and it looks like it's screaming. Perfect! I bought it very quickly after discovering it.



The site is simple and clear and that's good. The bad is that it's so simple that some info seems missing, for example the shipping cost. Much info was shared only when I clicked the BUY button. The accept PayPal so that's awesome.
They inform you that they cast all individual orders on demand, so it can take some while. I waited that amount and then some more and finally had to ask where is my stuff. I got my answer 2 minutes later and it was sunday, so the contact with them is awesome good! They had some problems with the casting process and it all got delayed, but I got free shipping as a compensation, so that's also cool :) It came up well packaged and secured, so nothing to complain here.


All the elements of the model (except the base, I forgot that, but it's shown later) are pictured below:


The renderings that are shown on the site are beyond awesome, but as it usually is with renderings, the reality is a little bit behind. There are very noticeable mold lines and when observed very close, you can see little lines that are probably left after the 3D printing process.

The torso:


And the mould lines near the edge of the wings:


Details are thought up very good, but at some points the casting process doesn't seem to be very generous to them. Close up of the skulls and ropes around his waist:


The fitting. I tried to dry-fit some of the elements together and for now it's not very good. It reminds me of metal models which always have some difficulties to them in this regard. But that may be only temporary - maybe I still need to clean some unwanted elements left after the casting and then it'll fit better. We'll see. Below is the picture of how I tried to fit the torso with the waist - this is as far as they went:


The worst thing I found about it is the missing tooth! One of the most important thing about a vampire monster, right in the focus point of the whole model! I'll replace it with greenstuff no problem, but it's still a hassle and quite a mistake on the manufacturer's part.


The base:
The model is supplied with a large oval base. It's, well... the picture below should tell you how straight it is... I don't know if that's casting or what. It should be possible to turn it good again with some how water, but it may be difficult and not perfect. Thankfully I need it on a rectangular base so I it doesn't matter to me ;)



I paid 55 euros for it. Comparing it to German GW prices, it's between a Coven Throne and a Mortarch. I'd day the price is quite compareable.


I'd say 8/10. The model and the design is beyond awesome, but the quality is lacking a bit which will make working on it a little less pleasant. Still, Bloodkeep Miniatures are quite new and are still releasing new minis, so I think they'll improve in the future. As I said near the beginning, I definitely recommend it to anyone looking for an alternative for a Terrorgheist and isn't afraid of little greenstuffing.

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Jun 3, 2015
Great review @Borgnine thanks heaps for posting it. I'd not heard of this company before so now I've got something new and shiny to look at. I'd love to see it assembled and on your painting table.
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Jul 3, 2010
Thanks for the review! Always good to hear about other/new companies to see what the quality looks like! Will be a lovely models too once cleaned and greenstuffed :)


Aug 18, 2017
I signed up just to reply to this old post...
The quality of Blood Keep's miniatures has improved massively, and are now far superior to the example shown here.
I have new Varkai, and I can tell you the detail and quality is as good as any you would find, Kingdom Death, Mierce, Forgeworld....Bloodkeep is right up there.
Don't be put off by this post...they are well worth you time and money
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Feb 29, 2020
I know this is an old post, but I can't seem to find their site anywhere, and their facebook doesn't have any contact information for support.

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