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Alternative Retailers and Manufacturers


Stylish Deviant
True Blood
Dunno if it has been listed, but
are great sources for games workshop bitz, and even whole sprues/kits. Much cheaper than buying direct from GW, and fantastic for getting bits for conversions.


Grave Guard
Acheson Designs, Primaeval Creations has a rather nice and cheap set of wolves (5 wolves for $11) and a Dire Wolf (1 for $8) that seem like they would make a great replacement if you don't like the current flayed look

I would just like to recommend GAMEZONE MINIATURES . They've been mentioned and located earlier in this thread, but just take a look at the mournful ( Dolorous ) Knights, and consider they are only £ 10 each, plus £1 postage( in the UK ). Outstanding, easily the best mini's Ive got.

Christophe von Carstein

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This one came up when i googeld games workshop http://www.triplehelixwargames.co.uk/index.php does discounted Games Workshop miniatures for example zombie dragon/terrorgiest only £29, so a saving of £7
It also does mantic and a whole host of other tabletop wargames at a discount also, how reliable it is in terms of delivery and stuff i dont know but it seems like a good site
I surprised that no one mentioned:

Heresy Miniatures
They have very useful undead miniatures according to my opinion. I picked up the Manbat Vampire as a feral Strigoi Lord, Posing Vampire as a Necrarch and Quasimarti as a Dreg for Mordheim game. It's worth to look at it I believe.
(They also used to include candy into the box :) )
I can confirm that Heresy still send out sweeties with their orders. And also doubly recommend Freebooter miniatures, all the work of the excellent Werner Klocke who is a mini sculpting genius imo.

Two things - I did a comparison photo and a mini review of some Vampiresses from some of the companies listed here, including Freebooter, which is here


Secondly, take a look at the excellent Dark Sword Miniatures


Not much Undead, but they make really, really gorgeous miniatures.


Just want to warn you about purchasing from wayland games if the items are not currently in stock. I placed an order and payed immediately and was expecting them to get the items I ordered as soon as possible.
After not hearing anything from them for a month I contacted them about the order and they said they had not been able to get my items and that they would try to get them soon.
After another month I contacted them again telling them to send me the things on my order they had in stock and cancel the rest or cancel it all and refund me.
Their response:


Unfortunately we have had some issues acquiring the stock for your order. I have therefor cancelled it and have refunded you - the funds should be back with you shortly.



I think the way they do business and handle their customers are quite awful and would only ever order from them again if they have the items that I want on stock. I think that the least they could do is themselves contact the customer after a resonable time if they are unable to get the products they sell.
I ounce had the exact same problem. It took me four months to revieve the items I ordered and they didn't contact me once to tell me there was a delay.

I had sent a couple of emails after two months with no reply.

I had completely forgotten that I had placed an order when the miniatures finally arrived.
Vipoid said:
With regard to Reaper, is there any way to tell what size the miniatures are?
Reaper minis are reputed to be huge. They do have a bizarre system on their website where they have some metal bits next to the figure, but it was almost impossible to get a clear answer from them about exactly what those metal bits represent i.e. whether they are 1 cm marks or half-inch marks.

They seem thrive on confusion.


Grave Guard
I have dozens of reaper models most are around 28-30mm they look great for hero characters or unit champions!

most of my reaper vampires are same size as konrad and vlad no worries there mate!


Cheerful Cranium
Unfortunately I can't say anything about quality and size (maybe because I don't speak one french word), but they look pretty cool (especially Charon) -> http://helldorado.fr/figurines/index.php
I don't have one of them yet, so if someone knows the minis and could tell me if they have the right size and are plastic or metal, please tell me
Red Box Games are worth having a look at. While they do not have any actual undead models, they have a cool large wolf in the Fenris as well as several models which would make excellent necromancers and their quality is excellent.

They will also be adding to the ranges as a result of the latest Kickstarters.

Also Brigade Models Celtos range has a fair number of undead in their Fir Bolg.

Dsg games doesn't have much in the way of unead but they do have a decent, kinda african-looking necromancer
Triplehelixwargames.co.uk amazing company 20% discount of gw stuff, the stock stuff for flames of war, dystopian wars loads of minis. The army painter paints citadel coat d arms to much to mention here. They also offer a loyalty reward scheme where by you get a penny cash back for every pound spent.


Vampire Count
True Blood
Oppenheimer said:
Does anyone know of a miniatures place that's based in Canada? Most of these seem to be the UK.
Most likely you'll just have to shop around and see if you can find a distributor that deals in mini's local to you. That usually saves you a bit in shipping, though it's not always a guarantee that the prices will be nice, though most distributors offer their items at a bit less than suggested retail (MSRP), as with local hobby shops near my home, and most online retailers, at least in regards to GW product.

I like Fantization Miniatures quite a bit, and they do larger mark downs once in a while, but their normal prices are about on par with what I expect to pay nearly anywhere, and they offer most ranges of models which simply means I can place a single order for many things, rather than ordering from multiple sources.
Thanks! I bought a bunch from Fantization.
I'm planning on using these for SGK:

And these for female necromancers:

$22 in shipping but oh well, not much I can do about that :( Still looking forward to it!