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An AoS tournament

At our gaming shop, we organized a full campaign.
We have a map with various territories, each one using the rules for specific terrains features and so on.
You start in your own territory and you expand by invading the adiacent ones.
when you invade someone else's territory, you fight for the control of it... the campaing will be developed in 10 turns, and at the end we'll see the winner (the one that controls more territories).

the first 4 game turns: armies with 1000 pts, then 3 turns at 1500 and 3 turns at 2000.

The armies:
2 Chaos (1 daemons of Khorne, 1 Beastmen)
3 Order (1 dwarfs, 1 Seraphon, 1 Stormcast)
3 Destruction (1 Ironjawz, 1 Bonesplitterz, 1 Beastclaw)
2 Death (1 Flesh Eater Courts and mine - fully Tomb Kings for now, then we'll see)

Notable rules:

No named characters.

At 1000 pts, if you are the invader, even if you win, your general must be alive to gain the control of an enemy's territory

when you win your first battle, you will gain a random artefact of your Allegiance. From that point on, if someone kills your general, they can take (and use) your artefact.

if you win by a major victory, you gain (randomly) some special advantage / artefact for the rest of the campaign. For example, now we have a Maw Crusha that's immune to rend...

If you gain a lot of artefacts, this simply means that you can choose the one you like more for each battle.

After a fight, even if you lose it, you select one of your surviving unit, and that unit becomes a Veteran Unit, with a specific advantage (rolled randomly on these summarized tables):

pick a survived unit and roll randomly for a permanent advantage:
1. if it's a hero or monster, gain +1 wound, otherwise roll on special unit tables
2. +1 to hit in combat phase
3. +1 to wound in combat phase
4. +1 to save in combat phase
5. +2 to bravery
6. same as 1.

Shooters (must have missile weapon)
1. +1 to hit in shooting phase
2. +1 to wound in shooting phase
3. ignore cover
4. can run and shoot
5. +6" to range of missile weapon
6. +1 to hit if don't move

light infantry (must be afoot and save 5+, 6+ or /)
1. +2" to move
2. pick an enemy unit, gain +1 to hit vs it
3. can be fielded everywhere at more than 6" from the enemy
4. gives -1 to hit to everyone that shoot at it
5. ignore deadly effects of terrains
6. +2 to save when in cover

heavy infantry (saves 3+, 4+, 5+)
1. gives -1 to bravery at enemies within 3"
2. don't do battleshock tests
3. +1 to hit in combat phase if has suffered losses
4. once per game, in combat phase rerolls 1 to hit/wound/saves
5. heroes within 3" reroll failed saves
6. if doesn't move, +1 to saves

light cavalry
1. +2" to move
2. can be fielded everywhere at more than 9" from the enemy
3. if don't move in the move phase, can move in the shooting phase (after shooting)
4. when it runs, it always rolls a 6
5. can retreat after a charge of the enemy
6. can do an extra run move

heavy cavalry
1. +1 to hit in the turn it charges
2. when charges, roll a dice, on a 5+ inflicts 1 mortal wound
3. +1 to saves, -2" to move
4. gain +1 wounds stat
5. +3 to bravery, cannot retreat
6. once per game, you can countercharge after enemy's charges, if no enemy units within 3"

So, that's all (more or less).
If you're interested, i will post the BatRep of my games, but keep in mind that you'll mostly see TK units.
No one interested, really?
Oh, well I'll try the same.


Tomb Kings
Royal warsphinx (General, master of Black Arts)
Liche priest
6 x Necropolis Knights
5 x sk horsemen
5 x sk horsemen

Warden King (general, don't recall the command trait)
1 x Cogsmith
1 x runelord
1 x Flame cannon
20 x thunderers
10 x warriors
10 x warriors
1 x gyrocopter

Scenario: Blood and Glory

I field the general, the priest and the necroknights at the center, the horsemen on the wings, controlling the ojectives.
My opponent saturates his right side with all, and just the copter on the left for the objective.


My tactical considerations to decide how to play the battle.
I'm tough, I'm stronger than them and I'm faster, but I've 2 problems.
1. in this scenario, to score a scrushing victory, i need to control ALL 4 objectives. This means I need to attack that fortified nest.
2. Shooting. I lack it, and dawi got a flame cannon and the thunderers, screened by the warriors' lines. To break through, i will have to sustain at least two round of fire, probably 3 (with the risk of a double turn).
Two consecutives rounds of fire is a potential of 4d6 mortal wounds from the cannon (on average 3d6), AND 40 shots from the thunderers, buffed by the king and the runelord, at +3/+2 (on average, 22-23 saves at rend -2).
I cannot send the NK alone, and if I support them with the RoyalKitty, such a barrage could kill even it, and I cannot afford it.
So, I decide to play for a minor victory: 3 objectives, or 2 objectives and more killed points.

I give the first turn to dwarfs, that consolidate their position, placing the warriors in front of their shooters.
I start to shift my armis to the right, to take the objectives on the left side of the dwarfs and see if I can lure their main formation out of their secured place.


in the second turn, we are both playing really cautiously, but in the third turn i see an opening: Arcane bolt on the copter (2 dam), and run+charge with the horsemen, that manage to inflict the other 3 wounds, exploding the flying pot.


My horsemen are now in full range of the flame cannon, that kills 2 of them.
At the end of the third turn, I'm in control of 3 objectives and I'm ahead in killed points.
My only doubt is that I have moved my knights too far back from the objective on my left, and the danger is that my horsemen are still in the cannon's range...

No pictures here.

I win the roll for the 4th turn.
In my hero phase I raise a horsemen from the wounded unit, and now they are 4.
I could retreat my horsemen out of Flame Cannon's range and move something near again the objective that now is on my front left, to avoid that the advancing dwarfs can take it.
However, my reasoning is: if I move the knights alone, and the dwarfs go last in the 5th turn, they will simply take the objective with the 10 dwarfs, and if I move also the horsemen, the cannon can shoot them.
So why should I risk anything? I can simply move back all, leaving the far objective to the dwarf. We'll have 2 objectives each, but I win by points. And in the last moves I will simply enjoy dwarfs' frustration.
So yeah, let's win cowardly with option 2, what could go wrong?

I fall back with all, except for the Kitty that moves toward the enemy, just because.
My left horsemen and the NK go back (and are effectively out of the game), the right 4 horsemen run back.
I roll 1 for the run of the horsemen, moving only 13".
The dwarfs move toward me.

Fifth turn.
THe dwarfs roll a 2 for the turn. I roll a 1. Dwarfs go first.
They move again (also marching with a unit toward the objective that I left undefended)... now my wounded horsemen are exactly at 24" from the flame cannon.
The cannon inflict 4 mortal wounds. 50% chance that i take fire... and i take fire.
The cannon rolls another 4 wounds. 8 wounds to the 4 horsemen wich would be exactly the needed to kill them.
8 saves from Death battle trait, I just need to roll a single ward save of 6... and I roll none.
At the end of Dwarfs' 5th turn, they are now in control of 2 objectives, and destroyed 20 points more than me.

I'm losing, and I've only my last 5th turn, and (tnx to my "oh-so-smart-tactic"), my NK are out of range for anything.
I've got only the warkitty, but it could be enough, given that I've got a unit of dwarfs warriors not so far away.
Arcane Bolt on the 10 dwarfs, killing 3. I move my king... but I'm at 9" from those 7 dwarfs. No Fiery Breath.
I need to roll a 9 for the charge... and I roll a 8.

Minor Victory for the dwarfs.
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I probably suffered the "tension" of the game, and so I was fearing more than what the real threat was. This always leads to bad decisions.
I should have used a different approach, leaving a part of the army at the defence of my left objective, and most of all I should have avoid to "play to win by not risking".
In the end, I took bad decisions due to a strange mix of fear (of take risks) and overconfidence (in my tactical abilities), and the dices God rightully punished me, with the bad luck in the decisive rolls (the poor run, the double dwarfs' turn, the failed ward saves...).
Cause yeah, I could have easily won without those bad final rolls, but it wouldn't have been a victory to be proud of. Hopefully I will learn from this.


But this is just a battle, I failed to invade (for now) dwarven land, in the future it will be different.
We both can upgrade a unit to veteran level.
Dwarfs' player picks the thunderers and roll for a +1 to wound rolls... in the combat phase. xD
I choose the Necroknights. I roll a 6, go to the specialist table, and gain heavy armor: +1 to saves, and -2 to move. The low move will be compensated at 1500 pts, when I'm going to include a necrotect, and the +1 to saves is golden. With mystic shield is 2+ in combat, and 3+ for shooting!

Future plans

I need to clarify a further thing about the rules of the campaign.
Each turn you can attack just a single territory, and you can be attacked only by ONE enemy, so no "coalitions" between players to simultaneously attack someone else. I cannot attack a player that is already attacked by someone else, unless I've got no other legal moves.

Now, we are planning the moves for the next turn (the last one with 1000 pts armies):
I declared an attack on aterritory controlled by Stormcast.
Daemons (near dwarfs) are attacked by Orcs.
Dwarfs are in contact with Daemons, Stormcast and Tomb Kings, and, given that daemons and stormcast are already attacked, they have only one choice.
Come to me, sweety little buggers, I will have my Revenge... :devil2:


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The first rule of playing Undead. EVERYTHING is Immune to Psychology. This includes the players. You automatically pass all fear, terror, panic, and break tests. Why do you think we are the only grand alliance where literally every warscroll is Bravery 10?
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The first rule of playing Undead. EVERYTHING is Immune to Psychology. This includes the players.
so true.
Let's start again...


The dwarfs, boldened by their previous, lucky victory, dare to invade my land. This cannot be!

Tomb Kings

Royal warsphinx (General, master of Black Arts)
Liche priest
6 x Necropolis Knights
5 x sk horsemen
5 x sk horsemen


Warden King (general w relic blade)
1 x Cogsmith
1 x runelord
1 x Flame cannon
20 x thunderers
10 x warriors
10 x warriors
1 x gyrocopter

Scenario: escalation


It's the scenario with 3 objectives places in diagonal, with units that enters a little each turn, starting with battlelines.

I like the scenario, and I already have a plan; i place my horsemen at the centre, "threatening" the middle objective.
My opponent answers with a strong center, 2 units of warriors and the 20 thunderers (the flame cannon and the copter at the cormer of the table are not already in play).


In my first turn, the 2 units of horsemen totally disregard the center and run for the side objectives.
Dwarfs move one warriors unit toward the centre and begin to shift the other one to their left.
My plan is to leave undefended the center, threatening the side objectives: the dwarfs reinforcement should logically pop near one of these side objectives...

Second turn.
Dwarfs win the roll, the King appears and, as predicted, arrive also the flame cannon and the cogsmith, that move with the warriors to the left.
the warriors at the center claim the objective. 1 point for the dwarfs.


My plan is working: my reinforcements must enter near the table's border, but i lured a part of the enemy's force toward me. In my second turn, NK and the Royal Sphinx make their apparition and move. Even if the dwarfs win the roll for the next turn, I will suffer only one turn of fire.
In the meantime, i gain control of the side objectives. 2 points for me.

Third turn.

I win the roll!
easy go: the Liche Priest arrives and my fully-buffed snakes charge, supported by the king. Warriors die by the spades (and the 3 remaining flee), the flame cannon is obliterated and also the cogsmith dies. The whole left dwarves flank is no more!


in the third turn the dwarf general tries to concentrate the fire of his remaining troop upon my snakes (killing one), forming a sort of barrier with the warriors, but I'm unstoppable. At the end of the forth turn all my forces are intact, and it remains just the gyrocopter the runelord, and a bunch of thunderers.

With the death of the warden king, my opponent concedes.



This went better...
The "tension" of the first game was gone, and my ideas were much clearer. With a scenario more favorable to me and a pinch of luck in the turn rolls, the match had no history.


Lots of thing happened.

I won my first game, so i gain a random Death artefact: ring of immortality (the rules of the campaing says that I don't need reinforcement points to use it, but the first time it will be activated, it will be destroyed).
I killed the warden king, so i took his artefact: relic blade (-1 to rend)
Then (tnx to the crushing victory) i rolled the triumph for the kind of terrain, and i gained also a scroll that let one of my heroes to cast "shield of thorns" (at the end of the combat phase, every enemy unit near 3" to my enchanted unit, suffer d3 mortal wounds). Not bad, but the other gifts would have been much better.

Now I've got 3 artefacts, and so i can choose between them what to use..

I update the Royal Warsphinx to veteran level.

All the possible results for the advancement will be truly good for me, except for the 5th one, that must be avoided. I roll 5.
Now my Royal Warsphinx got bravery 12... :swear:

Next game: TK vs Stormcast Eternals.
Really enjoying this battle reps, keep it up! xDxD

And also it's a nice change to see some battles with TK, I got so used to not seeing them around anymore that i almost forgot that with their peculiar units you can really make up some interesting tactics.

Good job, hope you crush those crapcast eternals :devil2:


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I just got 8 chariots in added to the 6 I already had, I should be able to make up the chariots battalion warscroll. I'm excited to see how they do. Now I just need Settra.
I just got 8 chariots in added to the 6 I already had, I should be able to make up the chariots battalion warscroll. I'm excited to see how they do. Now I just need Settra.
The chariots battalion has always granted me good results and nice satisfactions. :)

Actually, to find Settra is not so easy, and it usually costs a lot.
I've made mine as a "poor" version of the original.
I took a generic tomb king, with replacement of the head, using a "Tutankhamon-like" mask (because no mortal can see the royal visage), then i took the usual frontal falchions of the chariots, mounting them on the wheels; from a warsphinx I took the royal banner, scarabs on the chariot's sides and the golden snake on the upper front of the chariot.

Here's a detail:

Really enjoying this battle reps, keep it up! xDxD

And also it's a nice change to see some battles with TK, I got so used to not seeing them around anymore that i almost forgot that with their peculiar units you can really make up some interesting tactics.

Good job, hope you crush those crapcast eternals :devil2:

Let's see if I live up to your expectations...


I went into a territory controlled by those annoying pets of Sigmar.

Side note: they told me that SE armies can be (as rules in their battletome) set-up in the heavens. Each turn, their general can pick the units he wants on the battlefield and bam, on a roll of 3+ those units can be placed everywhere, at more than 9" from enemy's units.
Never played against SE, so I don't know if it really works that way; I must check the book and read by myself...

Anyway, this makes their low move units, great objective grabbers.

Tomb Kings

Royal warsphinx (General, master of Black Arts, relic blade)
Liche priest
6 x Necropolis Knights
5 x sk horsemen
5 x sk horsemen


Lord Celestant (general, master of defence, relic blade)
Lord Vexillor
10 x Retributors
5 x Liberators
5 x Liberators

Scenario: escalation

Oh, well, at least this resolves the problem about the guys that comes from the sky: the rules of the scenario supercede the other ones, reinforcements MUST be placed within 3" from the borders.


Stormcast battlelines are stronger than mine, i cannot fight with them without support, so I place my horsemen to reach (more or less) everyone of the objectives, waiting for my opponent's moves.
Liberators are placed ready to march toward the centre and my right objective.


the battle

SE start the first turn and run toward the centre and their left objective. I don't want to fight them so soon, so one unit of horsemen takes my left objective (the only one "safe") and my right cav. units awaits for a better opportunity...

Second turn (when everyone begins to gain victory points).
SE win the roll.
The way I see it, they have 2 strong options:
- place the retributors at my left, move and take ALL the 3 objectives, thus forcing me to hard decisions
- place the retributors and the vexillor in the far corner, so they can see my following placement, and can strike in the most sensible place in the third turn.

However the retributors appear... as reinforcement line behind the liberators on my right side.


the opportunity is Golden.
I place the Necroknights and the sphinx on the right, where the battle will be decided.
The mysticshielded snakes charge the 5 liberators, with 4 of them able to attack. I roll poorly, and in the end, i inflict only 9 unsaved wounds, and a liberator remains, with just one wound, and it stands with a roll of 1 for battleshock.


third turn.
I win the roll!!!
on the random table of the terrain, i obtain to select a model, doubling the number of its attacks. I pick the champion of the NK.
The liche priest arrives, but fails the mystic shield.
At that point, my king casts arcane bolt on the survived liberator, killing it.
My NK, no more in combat, can charge the retributors, placed in perfect position to be slaughtered en masse!


despite the full routine by the snakes, i inflict only 17 unsaved wounds (5 retributors killed, one takes 2 wounds), but the second round of Attacks by the champion inflicts other 7 damages, thus slaying a grand total of 7 retributors, with the other 3 that run for battleshock.

In its third round, the vexillor teleports the remaining liberators' unit upon the sk. horsemen on my far left, with the help of their general, wiping them out.
They are too far, but the fight is over; in the 4th turn i move and in the last 5th I take the central objective, winning 8 to 5 objective points.



The Stormcast are a tough nut to crack.
Their battleline untis can sit on objectives and stand on their own, requiring you to employ a greater number of resources to drive them off, while their big units do other nasty things.
With a more experienced player, no wonder they can be a top tier army.


For my crushing victory, i rolled the triumph for the kind of terrain, and i gained an artefact that, once per battle, can drop the flying move of opponent's units to an half, negating the ability to pass over terrains and models.

I update one of the sk, horsemen unit to veteran level.
+1 to save in close combat. Not bad.

The future.

time to upgrade the army at 1500 pts!

time to upgrade the army at 1500 pts!

I choosed to add:
10 sk warriors (less mobile than horsemen, but maybe more valid to sit upon an objective)
1 Necrotect
30 sk archers.

those archers will give me some useful long-ranged shooting. with righteous smiting they will force (on average) 15-16 save rolls. Nothing huge, but a valid support nonetheless.

Now, the map.
I'm in control of hex n. 3, 5, 6 and 9
After all the fightings, I'm still closed between the Dwarfs and the Stormcasts...
The "bars" of my prison are thin, but I still need to break through. This means Stormcasts again.

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As said, I'm still closed between the Dwarfs and the Stormcasts... if I want to fight someone different, I need to break through the line that surrounds me. In the meantime, SE assault also one of my inner territory, but not a strategically important one (the n. 5). Anyway, 2 battles against Sigmarines await me.

Side note: the Stormcast's player is using their new battletome. With those rules, the Vexillor is now cheaper, but it can teleport a unit at 9" from me.

Tomb Kings

Royal warsphinx (General, master of Black Arts, relic blade)
Liche Priest
6 Necro Knights
5 Horsemen
5 Horsemen
10 Skeletons
30 Archers


Lord Celestant (general, master of defence, relic blade)
Lord Vexillor
1 x Knight Venator
2 x Lord Relictor (i think... they are those priests that can pray for magic effects)
15 x Retributors
5 x Liberators
5 x Liberators
5 x Liberators

Scenario: Blood and Glory

I need to conquer all 4 objectives for a crushing victory. Yeah, the scenario I played in the very first game against dwarfs.


I place a horsemen unit, the necrotect and the 30 archers on my left, securing an objective, the other unit of horsemen is in the middle with the LP, then I have the NK with the sphinx and on the far right the 10 wariors, standing near the second objective.

The Stormcasts field 5 liberators with a Relictor on their right (my left), in the Sylvaneth wood, near the objective; in the center there are the 15 retributors and the Vexillor; near their left objective there are the remaining units of liberators, the Venator, a Relictor and the Lord Celestant (hidden behind the small building)


the battle

I let the SE have the first turn.
Wisely, my opponent chooses to do nothing with the Vexillor, waiting for an opening. The Venator shoots at my snakes but I save.

In my turn I move a little forward my army, especially my archers, threatening a deadly volley in the next turn.

The following picture has been taken at the beginning of SE second turn: tnx to my placement and area denial, he cannot teleport the retributors anywhere at my sides... the only valuable target is the troop of archers.
The tape measure is there because my opponent is planning to teleport the retributors to charge the archers, with the re-roll for the charge granted by the Vexillor itself...


...a thing that he does. WIth the re-roll, he manages to obtain the 9 he needs, and the retributors impact on the archers, killing 16 and other 11 flee for the battleshock (rolled a 5). Good blow, but was it worth the risk?

in my 2nd turn, i raise 4 archers and retreat... leaving room for the charge of my buffed knights (only MS, failed the righteous smiting with a 2) and the sphinx.


third turn.
the survived retributors inflict some damage to the SK and in the end 2 are killed, but they don't survive the retaliation.
The venator kills some skellies and the liberators start to advance toward my right flank.

In my third turn i raise the NK (and some archers), and fail to buff the NK both with MS (roll a 4) and righteous smiting (roll a 3). The sphinx move to support the right flank, the NK, with speed buffed by the necrotect, charge the Vexillor and slay him.


I win the roll for the fourth turn and go to say hello to the 5 liberators in the woods, taking my 3rd objective.

We agree to stop the game, in the last turn I wouldn't be able to conquer the last one objective.

MINOR VICTORY and, most of all, I punch through the enemy line! I'm no more surrounded and so I can finally face also other armies...
Up until now:

battle n. 1: TK vs Dwarfs (dwarfs' minor victory)
battle n. 2: TK vs Dwarfs (TK major victory)
battle n. 3: TK vs Stormcast (TK major victory)
battle n. 4: TK vs Stormcast (TK minor victory)


This battle was the Stormcast invading me.
I've got two victories against SE under my belt, but nothing is certain.

Especially when you should battle sunday, the last day to play this turn of battles, but for family reasons you cannot play at all.
So I forfeit the match and SE score an uncontested victory. :(

Actually, with two losses, I've got almost no hopes to run for the victory, but who cares, it's our first AoS tournament, it's just a test for future campaigns and the important thing is to have fun.

And fun (?) it will be: Finally new horizons open in front of me, i can see the banners of Knorne and i can hear the bellowing of Beastclaw mammoths...


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And fun (?) it will be: Finally new horizons open in front of me, i can see the banners of Knorne and i can hear the bellowing of Beastclaw mammoths...
For Chaos, kill the bannermen first, especially if it's a bloodsecrator; that will make the whole thing easier. For beastclaw, kill the general first. Ignore the mournfangs; they don't do much damage after the charge.
For beastclaw, kill the general first.
I fear (read: sure) it's not possible.
It's a Frostlord on Stonehorn (so it halves the wounds), BUT with the advancement to veteran level, he rolled +1 to saves (so it saves at 2+), and it also gained an artefact that lets it heal (once per game) ALL the wounds.
Basically, I'd need to inflict 26 wounds in a single round, to a monster with saves 2+.

I will try to lure it somewhere, playing objectives. We'll see...
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I fear (read: sure) it's not possible.
It's a Frostlord on Stonehorn (so it halves the wounds), BUT with the advancement to veteran level, he rolled +1 to saves (so it saves at 2+), and it also gained an artefact that lets it heal (once per game) ALL the wounds.
Basically, I'd need to inflict 26 wounds in a single round, to a monster with saves 2+.

I will try to lure it somewhere, playing objectives. We'll see...
Ghoul king on TG with Red Fury and Cursed Book (maybe black amulet instead) can potentially push out 36 (39 if amulet) mortal wounds on top of regular damage in a single round of combat. If he charges you on his turn and you get a double turn (pending the GK's survival), you should be able to bring it down. You might also be able to do it on just a regular double turn with you charging him. Other than that... Maybe just kill everything else and steer clear of him. I know it's hard because they're so freaking fast. Alternatively, you could do a Settra/Necroknights bomb.
GK and Settra are not included in my actual list, so...


This turn (the second one at 1500 pts), I am attacked by Daemons of Khorne (next game), and I'm invading a territory controlled by Beastclaw Raiders. To score a conquer, i must go against one of the strongest army in our meta...


Tomb Kings

Royal warsphinx (General, master of Black Arts, for this battle I picked the ring of immortality)
Liche Priest
6 Necro Knights
5 Horsemen
5 Horsemen
10 Skeletons
30 Archers


Frostlord on Stonehorn (general)
1 x Thundertusk
1 x 2 Mournfang
1 x 4 Mournfang
1 x 4 Frost Sabres

The frostlord and the 2 Mournfangs, both took the +1 to save. the 4 mournang received +1 to wounds, so they have 7 wounds each. As previously said, the Frostlord also got an artefact that let him heal ALL the wounds, once per game.
So yeah, one of the strongest behemoths in AoS, that halves the wounds, got a save at 2+ and can heal all.

Scenario: Blood and Glory

Again?!? those dices are borked. I need to conquer all 4 objectives to win, yadda yadda.


I totally forgot to take pictures of the set up, but follow me, it will be clearer with the photos of the first turn.

From my left to my right: I place a horsemen unit (near the left objective), the Necroknights, then I place the sk. warriors with the sphinx at the center, then the necrotect, the priest and the other Sk horsemen near the right objective, the 30 archers on my far right.

My opponent places (from my left to my right): the 4 mournfang and the tigers near his objective, the thundertusk in front of my snakes, the Frostlord at the center, and just the 2 mournfang on the other objective (the reason why i put my archers so far from my center).

Beastclaw: my opponent decided to start. Usually ths army (played by this player) is VERY aggressive, but this turn he feared the disadvantage in numbers, with so many objectives, so he played more cautiously, shifting the Frostlord toward the 2 mournfangs, and rolling on the winds of his Allegiance, he obtains to re-roll all the 1s for saves. He also plants a large Sylvaneth wyldwood in front of my left wing (a magical effect of the realm)

Tomb Kings - right wing
I don't have a single chance against that general, so i decided to play aggressively: the necrotect buffs the archers to increase their move and the LP casts righteous smiting, My archers run like hell (followed by the horsemen) and give the blessing of asaph to the mournfangs. One survives, tnx to that re-roll of 1s on saves.


With 30 archers (in a very exposed position) and the horsemen unit, my opponent is basically forced to use there the frostlord, taking it away from my real objective: its right flank that, even with the thundertusk, should be no match for the main bulk of my army. I move forward with almost all (except for the battlelines).
Tomb Kings - left wing:


it goes to beastclaw.
My opponent builds a sort of defensive line on my left (without even bothering to deliver 6 mortal wounds to the snakes, ' cause he will kill one but then I would raise it in a better position), and its bird of prey does 1 wound to the priest.

On my right, what I was hoping (and also fearing) happens: the frostlord and the mournfang charge the archers. the frostlord kills 18, and after the pile-in, the mournfang kills another 6. The unit evaporates with the battleshock.


Tomb Kings - Right wing.

My opponent placed the mournfang to block a run by my knights on the edge... but he wasn't so careful for the space between the mournfang and the Frostlord: a little more than 7"!
I decided to go "all or nothing", playing for a double turn...
The knights run between!


Tomb Kings . Left wing
Forward boys!



Now, it will almost all decided by this dice roll. I need to win the double turn.
My opponent rolls a 6. yeah. :swear:
I let my dice fall, almost without hope... and i roll a 6.
Again we go.
My opponent rolls a 5.
I roll a 6.

Tomb Kings - Right wing.
Easy to imagine. I take the third objective.


Tomb Kings - Left wing
I buffs the NK with shield and Shield of thorns (a spell I know for an effect of the realm we're playing in: at the and of the combat phase you deliver d3 mortal wounds to nearby units), then i charge. I need to have more models than him within 6" from the objective, and i will win the battle.
One of the NK dies in the Woods... the other five ones concentrate on the tigers, I don't want to draw near the thundertusk, that actually is NOT within 6" from the objective.


Sadly, I miscalculated my pile in, and in the end, i finish my move too much near the mammoth, that will pile-in.
nonono! I'm ruining all!
I will kill the sabres, but if I don't kill anything else, I won't take the objective.

If this wasn't enough, my bad placement puts me in an awful position to attack.
3 snakes can only hit the sabres, which are reduced to red goo. 1 snake can hit the tusk, missing with all. 1 snake can hit the unit of mournfangs. 4 wounds (they have 7 each).
The Thundertusk and the mournfang unleash all their fury upon the snakes... but I take just 2 wounds.
It doesn't matter. I have 5 models within 6", and they have 5 models too. The objective remains in control of the Beastclaw Riders.

Wait! I've got Shield of Thorns! let's see those d3 wound on the mournfangs... 3 wounds, taking a mournfang down. The objective is mine!


what a blast... :D
I like Blood and Glory. It really allows tactics to beat brute strength, unlike the other scenarios.
this kind of matches is the proof that AoS is truly a highly tactical game, 'cause a single mistake of 1" in placing your units, can cost you the game.

The aftermath
i rolled the veteran advancement for the second unit of my 5 horsemen. Another +2 to bravery! so much useful!

The object I've found is far more interesting: I cannot give it to my king, but only to a banner / standard bearer: +1 to saves to the unit and friendly units within 3".

Wow, I can give it to the NK, and have them with save 2+ in CC and 3+ from shooting, without the mystic shield...
Those snakes will bring the pain. :cool:
Daemons of Khorne dare to attack me. ME! This land is mine by divine right, I've conquered it like, less than a week ago.
Apparently, a monarch cannot go out with its army for a walk, and suddenly enemies appears everywhere...


Tomb Kings

Royal warsphinx (General, master of Black Arts)
Liche Priest
6 Necro Knights (artefact, +1 to saves)
5 Horsemen
5 Horsemen
10 Skeletons
30 Archers


1 x Bloodthirster of insensate rage (general, artefact that let it casts a fireball) - BoIR from now on
1 x Bloodthister of Unfettered Fury - BoUF from now on
1 x Herald of Khorne
1 x Bloodstoker
3 x 10 Bloodletters
2 x Skullcannon
battalion: Daemon cohort of khorne

Scenario: Three places of power

Finally something different, the one with objectives that can be controlled only by heroes... even if this puts my opponent in slight advantage


From my left to my right: I place a horsemen unit and the warriors at the left wing, a massive centre with archers, NK, Royal sphinx and necrotect (i perfectly know that, buffed by the necrotect, those knights can reach both the central and the rigth objective); then the other unit of horsemen and the LP at the right.
My main concern is, obviously, the couple of big daemons, both fast and Flying, that can dictate the charges. The cannons are not a problem: all of my units can withstand their fire... except for the priest and the necrotect, that coud die from a direct hit, and i need them to take the objectives, so i place them in total cover behind the sphinx and a ruined building.

My opponent places (from my left to my right): 10 bloodletters with the herald at my left (pointing at the first objective), 2 units of bloodletters and the cannons at the center, flanked by the Stoker and the BoIR.
He wisely chooses to keep the daemons as last models, to see my set-up... but in the end he puts the BoUF on my right.
These are good news for me. My fear was to face the 2 daemons divided, at the opposite sides of the table, but my opponent fielded them near each other, 'cause it was the strategy that gave him the victory against dwarves and Bonesplitterz.
But now I know what he wants to do, and I've got countermeasures.

the battle

I let the daemons go first.

realm's magic effect: my opponent picks the one that all monsters are considered at full health in determining Attacks, even when wounded.
On my left, Bloodletters and the herald run, but for an inch, the hero cannot grab the objective's point.
Double fire from the cannons kill 6 archers, bloodletters run forward.
Stoker, BoIF and BoUF move without advancint too much, BoIR takes the objective and BoUF is on the other side of the rock arch, ready to give support.

1 points for the daemons.


Tomb Kings:
realm's magic effect: I pick the one that all Flying units lose fly and halve their move.
On my left, the horsemen advance.
At the center, the archers and the sphinx move toward the middle objective. I forgot to shoot with the archers... :tongue:
The NK charge the BoIR, while the right horsemen move to close the only entrance available for the BoUF, that doesn't fly 'til my next hero phase.
The NK should obliterate the BoIR... but it still stand, with 1 wound (seriously... i roll 4d3 for damage, and i roll 5?!) and can retaliate. Given that it's considered to be at full health to determine the attacks, it kills 2 serpents... :(

0 points for TK

Now, we roll for the second turn, and we both roll 4.
The rules of the realm says that, when you and your opponent roll the same number, each non-flying unit unit suffer one mortal wounds. Th BoIR got 1 wound and (for the moment) doesn't fly... :D



after the tie, we obtain another tie (2 mortal wounds on each unit!), then I win the roll and go for a second turn.

Tomb Kings:
realm's magic effect: I choose to pick again the one that all Flying units lose fly and halve their move.
the horsemen on my left charge and kill the wounded herald (2nd hero down, after the BoIR).
The archers remember to shoot, and kill one unit of bloodletters, the sphinx advances and takes the central objective.
the NK heals and kill the bloodsecrator (3rd hero down), the horsemen block the passage for the BoUF, the liche priest runs and take the right objective.

2 points for TK, and almost the end of the match.


second turn khorne:
a cannon kills the priest, the other cannon misses the right horsemen, a unit of bloodletters commits suicide against the Royal sphinx, the BoUF fails to slay the horsemen.

no points for khorne.

I win the roll for the third turn, I'm going to retreat my horsemen and let the NK deal with its last demon, but my opponent surrenders (what a shame for a leader of a khorne army!!!) :tongue:


the aftermath

I took the ring of fireball from the battlefield, and I also gained another random artefact from the table of the realm.... interesting, If my hero is also a monster, it will heal d3 wounds at the beginning of my hero phase. That's a nice item, but I must have only one, and the snakes at save 2+ are huge.
Need to think on it.

Veteran unit. I picked the archers, and rolled a 6. Cool, it means that I'm going to roll for the specialist table (shooting unit)!
+6" to range!!! :D
great, my 30 archers now shoots at 26"!
It could have gone better (for example +1 to wound), but also worse (+1 to hit if you don't move), and that bonus range it's a solid improvement.

And now, the last turn at 1500 pts awaits me.


Minister of Thriftiness
True Blood
That ability to make all monsters count as full wounds would totally nerf Skarbrand after his first round of combat, or for the whole game if you get into combat with him on turn 1. That half distance for flyers and lose fly is pretty nice, too.
@Unas the slayer Did the points update for the Necro Knights affect your list at all? Or is the TO allowing you to keep them at their old points because they changed after the tournament started?
We're using the points of the General's handbook I.
We are aware that their cost is going to increase, but the reasoning is: it would be unfair to raise the points only for Tomb Kings, without knowing the points increases of the other armies.