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Vampire Thrall
Aug 23, 2011
@Shadespyre Indeed ;)

@Borgnine Thanks mate. Sometimes less is more but then, you know, sometimes more is just more. I just cobbled this together from spare parts with minimal planning but with your skills I'm sure you would create something truly amazing.

Have nearly finished painting it today. Here is a WIP. Will put up some background fluff and better picks when I finish a few more little details.

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Cheerful Cranium
True Blood
Aug 20, 2012
Ok that looks fantastic, as if the ground itself waves forward to spit rotten corpses in the battle lines. Absolutely awesome dude. I feel you for melting that bit-load together xD even more I admire the whole thing!


Master Necromancer
True Blood
Jun 15, 2013
Pruszkow, Poland
Give it an appropriate background and it would look like an overly elaborate, baroque painting, titled 'Visions of Hell' or something similar :D Absolutely amazing and inspiring piece, with very well executed monochrome tones!


Vampire Thrall
Aug 23, 2011
@Theerteen thanks really fun to make, if perhaps a little messy.

@Borgnine Thanks I'm glad you like it. I have taken plenty of inspiration from the various masterpieces you have created over the years :bowdown:

Working on a third wagon, a modified corpse cart but still not finished or painted properly. WIP of the trio all together.
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Vampire Thrall
Aug 23, 2011
Hello one and all, I have finally returned. Yes, yes, I know, quiet now, quiet, my children, I understand your elation.

Indeed, it is I, robtion, dark lord of the evil forest by the sea. I have recently found myself on holiday and feel the urge to paint. If my plan comes to fruition I will post something in the next 7 days or so 😱 I would urge you to wait with bated breath, but none of us here really breathe now do we?

Now begone my minions, back to the spider haunted darkness from whence you came 🕸️


Sep 15, 2015
Wow, this thread deserves a deep dive at some point... Some amazing imagery, and downright scary stuff. Humbled and glad you liked my ethereals, and happy I clicked the link in your signature.😉


Vampire Thrall
Aug 23, 2011
MedMos Hey thanks, feel free to look around ;)

Here are some more pics of the wolves, and some background, because why not?

Title: “Who’s a good boy”?!
Miniature: Broken Wolves
(Alternative Crypt Horrors)

Most find it hard to believe that these savage beasts were once men. For years they stalked the Dark Woods and it’s surrounds unchecked, slaughtering cattle and unwary travellers at will, and terrorising hamlets and villages. Their blood curdling howls were a constant presence, haunting the darkness and causing many a peasant a sleepless night.

Seeing their worth, the Dark Lady sent her minions to bring the wolves under her sway. Using their ethereal beauty and charms, the vampire lord’s thralls soon brought the wolves to heel, unleashing them to wreak havoc on the battlefield at their dark master’s behest.
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Grave Guard
Jan 22, 2012
Always thought those sculpts were awesome and your paintjob makes them even creepier, superb work! I too must take a look through this thread, your wagons further up on the page are incredible!

Loki Ragnarok

Sep 10, 2021
@Shadespyre: Thanks, yes she is rather unusual.

Update time. Well I am pleased to say I am very happy with how this turned out :happy: A real mishmash, and an extremely convoluted process but turned out in the end. Had painters block trying to decide whether to go ethereal with it or not but decided to go a more monochromatic-zombie-ethereal instead 🧟 Hope you like ;)

The Harbinger -Mortis Engine

Riding atop a roiling tangle of clambering corpses, the Harbinger spits ancient incantations, filling the air with malevolent energy. The undying horde feeds on this power, leeching it from the atmosphere, while any living foe nearby collapses to the ground, their very soul plucked from their body.

A morass of rotting flesh and fetid earth, the engine twitches and jerks unnaturally across the battlefield flickering in and out of existence like a sputtering flame. Unhindered by fortifications and barriers, it vanishes for seconds at a time only to reappear before its terrified enemies.

His unseeing gaze surveying all, the Harbinger cackles with depraved glee as the living flee, abandoning their futile efforts, inflicting wounds which knit back together before their very eyes.

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Damn, I love the solid mass of horrid, rotting things. Same goes for some of the later "blocks" of horror.

And the werewolves are awesome, as are the blood crazed ladies with the masks.

And all of your other stuff, but this is what spurred me into commenting.
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