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An old blood is regaining power to rise again

Aug 31, 2014
Hello fellow creatures of the night,

I'm returning to a new account after a long absence from the game, and hoping to bring our immortal salvation to worthy mortals. See you around the forum~


Stylish Deviant
True Blood
Oct 30, 2009
Welcome! Hope to see a plog or some other content from you soon xD.

Just out of curiosity- what was your old account? Some of us might remember you xD.

The Dread King

Staff member
True Blood
Jan 28, 2012
Welcome! You're not the first to return to CN since the release of End Times; hopefully you'll be able to find some of your old associates around this forum, or maybe meet some new ones. Feel free to have a look around - things have certainly changed a bit in your absence (if it has been more than a few months) with the reboot of the TVC II, an overhaul of the forum software and a new server to boot. :thumbsup: