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Angel's TXP thread

Welcome to my TXP thread!
I will be painting High Elves for this project and the list of pledges is as follows:

1 Prince on Dragon
1 Battle Standard Bearer
1 Noble
23 Spearmen
5 White Lions
1 Tiranoc Chariot
1 Maiden Guard
2 Swordmasters (Standard Bearer and Musician

Not much but I don't think that I will have time for much more. If I do I will then paint the HE models from the new starter set.

I haven't got any pictures of the models yet but they will appear soon.

For a "sneak peak" on how the models will look when they are done visit the Angel's High Elves thread where there are pictures of everything that I've painted for the army so far.
Thank you guys.

Boo: I'll be getting some of them, and probably pledge them if there is time after everything that's on the list is painted.

Since I am entering a tournament this weekend I needed to paint the White Lions before then, so they are almost finished already. And the reaper noble is about 40% done, So I'm having a really quick start!
I've finished the 5 white lions now, so here is a picture of them from my phone, I'll try to get a better picture up after this weekend since I'm away on a tournament. When I get back I'll finish the reaper noble and after that I'll do the chariot.


Master Liche
True Blood
you have some very clean and pretty looking elves. I have always loved the white lion miniture, Good luck with the tournament and great job on the elves. I look foward to trying some in the new box set.


Master Liche
True Blood
well I must say once again they are very impressive, I think I would give them many zombies to enjoy if I had to face them. So how did your games this weekend go angel. Look forward to seeing the reaper nodel when you have her done.
The tournament was a of the team variety with 2 armies in each team. I had my High Elves and my team-mate used his Wood Elves

Game 1 was against Skaven and Dark Elves in the Meeting Engagement scenario, which ended in a draw when the time was out.

Game 2 was against Empire and Vampire Counts and was the funniest on in the entire tournament with some great opponents. The scenario was Blood and Glory which we won.

Game 3 was against the guys who eventually won the tournament, and they played Daemons of Chaos and Warriors of Chaos. The scenario was Dawn Attack. We had extremely bad luck throughout the entire game, so we lost.
Though both our opponents and the guy that organized the tournament agreed that it would have been either a draw or a win for us if we hadn't had such horrible luck.

Game 4 was against Empire and Kislev, again in the Blood and Glory scenario, which we won on victory points instead since neither had won using the scenarios victory condition when the game was over.

Game 5 was against Dark Elves and Daemons of Chaos and was the least fun of the games, we where basically overpowered and didn't have much of a chance really. The scenario was an ordinary Pitched Battle

Game 6 was against a double team of High Elves in the Dawn Attack scenario. It was very bloody but eventually we won the game.

Overall our team came 4th in the tournament, which isn't to bad especially since it was the first tournament for both of us.
Congratulations on your good showing in the tournament. I forwarded the pics of your White Lions to a friend of mine just starting a HE army, very nicely painted and should be a good inspiration for him to pull from.
TheBlackBey said:
Congratulations on your good showing in the tournament. I forwarded the pics of your White Lions to a friend of mine just starting a HE army, very nicely painted and should be a good inspiration for him to pull from.
Thank you, and I hope that your friend might get some inspiration from them

WarlikeRogue said:
Looking great so far, I will be looking forward to following this project as it progress's. Whats currently on the painting table?
Next up is the noble and after that probably the spearmen.

Capt Rubber Ducky said:
Those white lions look ace, excellent work on the white cloth. Keep up the good work
Thank you.

Disciple of Nagash

The Perverted One
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I am really impressed with the White Lions, not only have you painted the white nice and crisp (which can be hard to do), the lines on the models are really sharp. Superb work and look forward to seeing more.
Thank you DoN :)

I've finished the reaper-noble and here are some pictures of her, I think that she turned out pretty good but I got a bit bored with her skin so I didn't do it as good as I could have done it.



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Still she is pretty I simply love the gems, She will make a wonderful noble in your army. The skin looks good, and I always say if your sastfied with your creation then its good. (this is why my preist is being touched up with things I seen I could do to make him better). For in the end its our army and it's how we feel about them that matteres, But I honestly feel there is nothing I can add but she is great looking.


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She is very nicely done, scantily clad for an HE but the way you have painted her she fits in with your army very well. And the gems are stunning as per usual. Whats next? Please say the star dragon xD
Thank you very much for your comments. Next up isn't the dragon, first I'll do the spearmen and then the BSB and then I'll do the dragon since by then I will have a painted 2000 points army for 8th edition.

Here is a before picture of the spearmen.