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Another 2K Tournament Battle Report

Jul 4, 2013
Last 1 day primer before @unpluggedGT Relative to the previous list I dropped a wraith troop and a necro to add revenant and mummy regiments in order to have a chance at more objectives as well as keep things off the flank of the revenant horde. Game 1 is against Elves.

Silverbreeze cav troop on the right flank, dragon kindred lord, palace guard regiment, two bolt throwers on the hill. Soul reavers are on the right flank opposite the dragon. The revenant horde is poised to take the center (dominate). Regiments on its flanks.

Left flank after vanguard moves by the forest shamblers and hunters of the wild. Stormwind cav and drakon riders near the woods.

Werewolves and pharoah deployed on the left flank hoping to distract some units away from the center scoring zone. Drakon riders take the bait. Werewolves go in against stormwind cav regiment hoping only for a disordering. Pharoah will avoid combats and at the double over the woods to set up a charge against a bolt thrower.

Soul reavers move up into range of the archer horde while keeping all enemies in the front arc, while the dragon moves around the tower.

The obstacle in front of the horde affords some cover to the reavers until the archers move into base contact with it. Unfortunately the caterpillar potion does not allow for at the double moves over obstacles, only difficult terrain (still too good for its points).

After the dragon moved forward towards my main battleline, the reavers advance towards the palace guard.

The palace guard are routed, and I make the decision to overrun out of the arc of sight of the archers, instead of turning around. The plan was to bait the dragon away from my castled up main battle line. This would mean a dragon in the rear and 320 points given up, but I felt if I had simply turned them around, the archer horde would make short work of them, while the dragon would have another turn of combat against my regiments. The pharoah goes after bolt throwers while being chased by the drakon riders.

After the dragon easily handles the reavers, it returns to the center to battle the skeleton warriors. The hunters and shamblers charge out of the woods into the mummy regiment, while my units maneuver to control as much as the center as possible. The zombie trolls and mummies fight the forest spirits to a draw. The revenants and skeletons fail to put a dent in the dragon. The game ends with a 14-6 victory to the undead.

Next up is more Elves and another dragon. The undead setup similar to game one with the bulk of the army on the right side and werewolves regiment on the left flank.

The werewolves draw the attention of the dragon, going down after the breath attacks set the woods on fire.

The soul reavers engage the palace guard, while the pharoah charges the stormwind cavalry with the goal of causing a single point of damage and keep the knights out of the flank.

A Drakon lord circles the main undead line. Mummies and zombies turn to face it. The necromancer was left exposed for a charge but his purple cloak acts as camouflage against the strange mat.

The dragon and stormwind cavalry threaten the left flank. The undead BSB (banshee) defends the revenant horde’s flank.

The undead form a defensive wall around the necro behind the revenants, preventing flyers from getting rear charges on the horde. The dragon attempts to pick off the necro with breath attacks. Soul reavers finish the palace guard and turn to face the stormwind cavalry.

The second drakon lord gets a rear charge on the zombie trolls while dragon gets the flank. The zombie trolls are easily beaten. At the top of the picture the soul reavers eliminate the stormwind cavalry regiment. The revenant horde moves towards the spear unit that is in the woods directly to its front. A surge (now that leader point is in flank arc) then gets the revenants intp the flank and despite a hindered charge rout the spearmen unit. A back move after the combat gets the horde over the table half for the scenario (invade). An archer unit then charges the horde in the rear but does not cause enough damage. There is no turn 7 and the game ends in a 10-10 draw.

Game 3 is kill & pillage against undead in a rematch from the previous tournament. My undead stack the left flank, whereas the opposing force is focused more on the opposite side.


An enemy soul reaver cav regiment and winged pharoah oppose my own soul reavers on the left board edge. The game begins with a standoff.

Enemy werewolves horde approaches my weaker right flank. This is a scary unit but I have enough regiments to occupy them for a few turns.

On the right, werewolves engage skeletons and zombies versus zombies.

Meanwhile on the extreme left flank, enemy wraiths break the ice and charge the werewolves regiment. There is not much happening in the center of the table where there are a lot of woods.

The newly painted mummy regiment takes a charge from a very similar unit in the allied troll horde. The necro fails two bane chant(2) in a row, but the mummies do a good job holding. The zombie trolls get the flank of the wraiths and rout them. The objective behind the zombie trolls ends up being uncontested as enemy trolls are just out of range.

Friendly soul reavers bring down the pharaoh.

Back on the right flank the enemy werewolves beat the skeletons and proceed to eat zombies.

We run past time so no more pictures but the game ends in a 10-10 draw as we both control 2 objectives. The revenant horde fights and routs an enemy soul reaver infantry regiment after a side move and surge. Two armies with lots of surge makes for a very tired brain afterwards. All in all another great tourney by Jim and three great opponents and games.

I am getting the hang of this list. It really does nil for the first half of the game and then picks up some points in the final turns with help from surge. The list has only one fast moving hard hitter, and really can’t push the issue. I think dominate and invade are the best scenarios for this list. Probably only minor tweaks before the GT.


True Blood
May 15, 2008
Very, very nice. Good work on your paintjobs, I'm a fan. I only have one game under my belt and it's with Empire of Dust so I might pick your brain a little in the future.
I like the flying pharoah, was considering doing the same.
Aug 9, 2015
I must parrot Seneschal- Great looking armies, and really nice playing.

How would you describe the general tone of a KOW tournament? always wanted to try, but I'm not the most outgoing individual.
Jul 4, 2013
Appreciate the paint comments. I try to steal as much as I can from the good painters in my club.

@der vued thanks for the feedback. As I write these I always wonder if it is easy to follow and at least mildly entertaining to read. I know I'd prefer to have minimal text and more pics.

@Seneschal Sure I've only got 9 games in myself so far. Hopefully this game picks up more in my area. Others have maybe said this but the pharaoh seems slightly under pointed. Individual plus flying really enables this guy to do what he does best: disordering cavalry and ranged attack units or crushing war machines. You can get a pretty capable unit for 185 points, so in my experience if he isn't doing something really useful your other units are likely getting out manned. I've heard more experienced players (CC, 4ftsnake podcasts) say the flying vampire is better, but I haven't come to that realization just yet. Sometimes the 6+ defense alone makes opponents ignore him with their ranged attack units.

@heavyfishcannon As for the tone of the 1 day tournaments I've been to, they have all been pretty low key. Most people are ex WHFB tournament players, so they are competitive, but we all know each other, and the streamlined rules certainly make for smooth games. It's great to not have to keep asking what all the characters in the death star have as magic items.