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any activity in here?


True Blood
there hasn't been a new post in any of the threads in here for weeks, so I thought I'd try and drum up some activity


Vampire Count
True Blood
I could probably be convinced to doing something...superheroy, or 40k, or vampires or what have you, it's been awhile though hasn't it ghouly?
Honestly I think that this stuff would be fun, (especially for curing my thrice damned writers block) but I don't have a great schedule, so I don't want to muck up anything here. On the other hand, if anyone has kik, I would love to start up some sort of group for WH. Find me @ classicalnerd.
All the best
(Ps, how do I get it to say "age of sigmas is crap?)


True Blood
unfortunately nothing is going on in here it seems

and if you want a signature go into your profile settings and click on 'edit signature'


Ancient Vampire Lord
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True Blood
I think that very few people, if any, browse this part of the forum now, let alone post. It's hard to keep the level of activity up on forums these days, especially in the more creative sections, such as role-playing and discussions pertaining to background.