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Anybody watch Eurovision?


Master Necromancer
True Blood
Sep 23, 2009
The finalists weren't bad, but were kind of bland again this year. The 'love love peace peace' parody of Eurovision cliches was so much more entertaining than any of the actual performances.


Ancient Vampire Lord
Staff member
True Blood
May 22, 2010
Yes, I watch every year.

It was a much better contest than the last couple, but I still ended up a bit frustrated, because the best song did not win. That's the third year in a row that this has happened now. It was pretty close as to who had the best song, but in my view Australia just edged that, and the juries agreed. I thought that, even if the popular vote turned out to be significantly different, Australia had built up too large a lead to be overtaken. I do get the feeling that there was even more politics than usual in the background about the final result, considering the popular vote was effectively split between Ukraine and Russia. Very interesting.

The winning entry had a lot of feeling and passion, but the song just wasn't right for Eurovision in my opinion. That said, I am pleased that Russia didn't win simply on the grounds that I do not think that it was the best song and to see it win on the basis of graphics and staging (which is why Sweden won last year) would have been very irritating. Australia deserved the victory in my opinion for an imperiously performed song. The way people vote is strange sometimes, you need only look at the breakdown of the UK's televote to see that
. Needless to say, I didn't vote for any of the countries the UK public gave points to. Austria and Italy were my two favourite performances of the night, not least because it was refreshing to hear some foreign languages on the stage, although they were pretty songs as well.

As for the UK, I was astonished that such mediocre and uninspiring stuff was rated as midfield by juries. The public vote was far more representative of where I expected the UK to be, although quite how it deserved to finish behind that ghastly song from Georgia (which the UK jury bizarrely awarded 12 points) is beyond me. That song was the worst of the night, and should have been banned on the basis that it could have given the audience and people watching seizures such was the unnecessary extent to which strobe lighting was used. Simply awful. It should have finished last by a country mile, as it was one of the worst songs I've ever seen at Eurovision.

Finally, the presentation and production were first class. One of the best contests I've ever seen for that. The presenters were excellent. They were proper presenters who knew exactly how to handle an audience, so I hope that future hosts take note. The staging, lighting, and just about everything were spot on from start to finish. An excellent job by Sweden.