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AoS Batrep - Ogres vs VC


Vampire Count
True Blood
Jan 16, 2012
So how do you feel about the "swing-y-ness" of the game? You mentioned surprise at more than one, one-turn-KO on what may be considered more powerful units, in your experience thus far is this a consistent thing?

From the limited games I've played, there have been very much "Swingy" fights, where the only thing that seems to matter is hitting first to nearly butcher your opponents unit before they do the same to you. I think Ogres also add to this issue though, with multi-wound attacks all around, their hits quickly become quite the problem.

Seem like it to you? I haven't seen other BRs, so I don't know if you've only been playing against/with Ogres, but I'm curious if you've played other armies if they have similar results.


Nagash will Rise AGAIN! He's back? Nevermind
Nov 5, 2013
I play mostly VC and Undead combo with VC and Tk, so my experience there is far more than with the Ogres, which I do play but is more my son's army. As far as swing-y-ness, not absolutely sure what you asking. If you mean that some combo's or units are so killy that they break the back of what they face, yeah, I see that, but it swings both ways. SO much in AoS is more effective than in 8th or previous editions, especially core and weaker units. Anything can be hurt, and even what was considered garbage units in 8th can do damage in AoS. Some can do ALOT. There are accelerator abilities for some units when taken in 20+ or 30+ qty, granting bonus's to hit, more attacks, etc. So those can really surprise you. Monsters are really powerful, but those garbage units can still hurt them. Throw enough dice, even a 2+ save will fail, and Monster types diminish as they are wounded. Some of the mechanics seem overpowered, but if you really understand the rules, and the scenarios and victory conditions, you will see how there is much more that balances out what is essentially an unbalanced game. I don't think that the obsession with balance works in AoS, as its not really meant to be even fights. You can play what you want, and if you are worried about abuse, just revert to actually talking to your opponents in advance to understand the kind of game(s) you are playing in advance. The game is meant to play faster, and a series of games in chains, with a narrative connection, and less a singular game that just lines up and fights to the death, so imbalance one game can swing the other way in the next, and what works in one game can be completely inappropriate for a different scenario. Battle line games are not the norm, and actually not even suggested.

So far I've play VC, VC/TK, and Ogres, various different lists, and I've played vs High Elves, Skaven, Chaos (Khorne), Bretonnians, Stormcast Eternals, Ogres, and I'm loving the game. There's far more depth that detractors give it credit, the vast majority of which I bet haven't even played the game. I've had a major change in opinion after my initial games, which I can see would foster some misconceptions, but as I've played I've learned so much more about how the game is played and its not only fun, but allows for real creativity in tactics. Simple to learn, complicated enough it'll be tough to master. We are only at the early stages of unlocking this game. I've demo'd it for a bunch of people and most have come away very positive. The only negative has come from the crowd that really wants a hyper competitive game, tournament style, and while this game would need changes to make that work (really changing the game for the worse imho), it could be done. I do think this game flourishes when played without comp, as is, and played a bunch to learn what the possibilities are. It has tremendous potential. No game is perfect, and this may not be everyone's style, but I'm still shocked at how much I've come to like it.