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AoS behavior tables


A Knight of Blood
Though I've played ST several times before, only now it came to me that these tables can be quite of use. For example, for different specific scenarios or battles in which you want to create some sort of "AI vs living (or undead)" situation, it suits both command and single games. Just like in ST where you with, say, your comrade fight off relentless hordes of enemies which have special behavior tables and as such are controlled either by both of you or maybe another player like GM in D&D. It also suits good a single play where you don't have a possibility to play with another player right now but want to test something or just have a bit of fun.

What do you think?
Seems good. There aren't many GW things that you can play by yourself, which (if you can't find any players) is REALLY annoying! Great idea, though. With some special rules, it would be great to try xD


A Knight of Blood
Agree. And it's not that difficult to make such tables, they are in fact just the random choice between defense, attack or withdrawal, but there can be interesting choices like by acolytes in ST or heroes.