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AoS preset list report


Minister of Thriftiness
True Blood
So I FINALLY got around to playing an AOS game. There were a few comp guides we wanted to try out, but thought that trying it with the original rules the first time was best to have a baseline. The friend I was playing with hasn't ever played 8th edition but does play 40k.

I decided to go with the Charnel Pit Carrion list with the following models:
Ghouls x 12
Ghouls x 20
Ghouls x 20
Horrors x 11

My opponent went with the Skaven Island of Blood list. I don't remember what exactly he had, but:
5 Rat Ogres
3 heroes, one is a wizard.
30 clan rats
30 clan rats
2 warpfire throwers

I am missing something because he ended up with more models than I did (64 to 75)

We played on a 4x4 board instead of 4x6. He started deployment first in standard 40k formations across the board with characters right behind the units. I deployed very differently per @najo recommendations.

I tried to draw them, but it's much more difficult than block formations, so I have just the deployment. Skaven Black (circles are chars, diamonds are warpfire throwers, the two big units are clan rats, small one on left is ogres), VC is Green, Terrain is red.

I chose to go first. I immediately summoned a TG, which was awesome. It turns out that he couldn't even unbind the spell because I wasn't within 18" of his wizard. I moved everything forward with runs and only rolled 5-6 for them. The TG was 9 " away, but that's still close enough to get a scream off, but I rolled poorly and only dealt one wound.

In his turn, he gave Inspiring Presence to unit of clan rats. No magic. He moves the rats a bit. He shoots the TG with one Warpfire thrower and deals two unsaved wounds.

***By the way, it was incredibly difficult to remember to do anything before movement***

Since I don't have pics for how movement ended up, I will just attempt to describe a turn with a (the final) multiple battle. His rat ogres charged and ended up in combat with two units of ghouls, but also getting my horrors in the mix. His General also charged in, but he forgot to pull him out with the Hit and run rule. So this is how it went down. He decided to pile in his rat ogres first and killed 12 ghouls in one unit and two in another. I then pile in the severely depleted unit of ghouls away from his rat ogres and into his general. He then piles his general into the horrors. I then pile in the horrors to his general and killed him while at the same time, piling into the rat ogres and kill two. The last unit of ghouls piles into the rat ogres and kill two more. I will attempt to portray how this worked out.

The weird blue shape is the five rat ogres. The blue diamond is the skaven general. The lime green is ghouls. The L shape is two ranks to prevent his ogres from attacking the horrors. So the rat ogres went first like I said. Now when models are slain, you can remove them from where ever you like. There were 14 to begin with in the L Shape and he killed 12. I removed all of them from the rat ogres side leaving two near his general. I then piled those two in and went to the rear of his general allowing more CHs to the front. I didn't do any damage, but this still opened up space. So when his general piled in to the CHs, I then had room behind him again to fill with Horrors. When it came time to pile the CHs in, I piled 5 to his general in circle around him and four to the rat ogres. I easily killed his general and killed two rat ogres. He could have removed the ones nearest my other ghouls, which would deny me more attacks, but he wanted to (if he survived) be able to deal more damage next turn. So when the ghouls circle piled in, they killed two more ogres because of the charnel pit.

After the game, we talked about hidden tactics and there were a lot. He pointed out that I had done defensive running. This is when a unit runs up on an allied unit. The unit can't charge, but when the other unit gets charged, I now have two units that can pile in instead of just one.

Another one was scenery. The charnel pit was a huge boost to my army, stacked with my SGK command ability, the ghouls and horrors could deal out a ton of damage.

Another was combat order. Had he not attacked with the rat ogres first, I would have been able to wipe them out completely.

Using Pile In to move models out of the way for other models to also be able to pile in. By moving the 2 ghouls the way that I did, I got at least 3 additional horrors in the next pile in.

I hope you liked this, and I am sorry for not having a thorough report with movement. I haven't written a 40k style report before, so I am still on a learning curve there.