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AOS tourney in spokane vallley, wa


Minister of Thriftiness
True Blood
There will be an AOS tourney at Gamer's Haven in Spokane Valley, WA on January 28. Starts at 10:00am. Entry fee is $10.

1000 points
Army must have an allegiance, which must be stated on list.
I wonder what kind of rules are used in these tourneys.

We are going to start a campaign in our gaming group (robably 11-12 partecipants!) and they decided that Death can raise dead models with banners / similar, but opponents score victory points for the killings.

For example: I've got a unit of 20 skeleton warriors, during the game the opponent kills 13 of them. Even if I end the game with all the 20 skellies tnx to the banner, my opponent will score 80 pts for having killed a block of 10 warriors.


Minister of Thriftiness
True Blood
They are doing pitched battle scenarios. The three scenarios are all objective based (1, 2, and 4) from the General's Handbook. So major/minor victories are based on that. Tie breakers are decided point values of units that are completely wiped. So if you start with a block of 20 skeletons and you end with just one model remaining, your opponent gets zero points for that unit, even if they killed more than 20 models from the unit.

I know that people debate about this, but I think nearly ever faction has a way to restore wounds/models and this was the fairest way to do it.

I'm even giving up a command ability by taking the ghoul king and maxing out my points, which puts me at a slight disadvantage, but I think it's worth it.