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AoS Xbows

Sep 13, 2007
Hello All,
Recently I played an Empire Player in a Gamesworkshop store the other week using my AoS, After Raising some units of skeleton milita with Xbows in my magic phase, i moved onto the shooting phase with them my opponent argued that since they were raised they were deployed and counted as moving so they could'nt shoot that turn, I showed my opponent this:
Q. Can Sylvanian Militia armed with crossbows, shoot on the turn
they are raised?

A. Yes, unless they were moved in the same magic phase via Vanhels
Danse Macarbre, Sylvanian Milita may fire their crossbows on the turn
they are raised. Note that models raised via Invocation of Nehek
do not count as having moved.

S. Mat Ward - Warhammer Design Team / Vampire Counts Army Book page 58

But he continued to argue that they couldnt even after I showed him the rules, needless to say I won the battle and used my Xbowmen the next turn in the shooting phase after they were raised...can anyone give me some advice so that this stuff doesnt happen in further battles, kinda ruined the fun for me.

- Maxim


Master Necromancer
True Blood
Aug 15, 2007
Print off the FAQ and take it with you or clearly make him read it aloud. Nothing else you can really do apart from that.

Equally so, don't play AoS ;)

Lord Fear

Master Vampire
True Blood
Aug 15, 2007
It's a hard thing to cope with, like when I wanted to charge a Lord sticking out of a forest with my Black Coach and my two opponents both told me I had to maximise and go in the woods. I argued I did not, as all you have to do is maximise the number of models in contact, which even corner to corner is maximised. The rules were on my side, common sense was on my side, but they didn't want the souped-up lord getting smashed. You can either roll with it and hope the dice gods reward you (As they did with me, the Coach took the impact hits, survived on one wound and went on to drive the Lord off the battlefield), or you can pack up and leave. I'd only recommend the latter if your opponent's being a real idiot though (Which the aforementioned duo were not ;) )...