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April 2008 Painting Log

Nov 14, 2007
Hello again and welcome to April's spread of Warhammer "goodness".
I'll save you the drama of where I've been and get on with the log...first up

The paint job on these guys is nothing special, just an over-brush of metallic(love saying that word)blue with gray then white. I chose the Dark Heaven wraiths because they just feel more "wraithy" o_o to me.

I had to have two of these "girls" just in case someone threw down the "Legendary Battles" gauntlet...can't imagine a game being fun for my opponent with two of them running around in a 2k game screaming about the woes of life ...kinda like growing up with sisters :| J/J [Looks to avoid any flying objects] OK ...moving on.

These guys are in the process of being painted to fit in with my older edition ghouls. Again, nothing to get real excited about as I'm only looking for a tabletop standard. I am enjoying painting these as you can over-brush them rather quickly without much fuss.

I had to paint these two different and not as dark as I have seen in the past. I wanted brighter colors so they would stand out on the field. Although not quite finished, they are close to what I had imagined when reading the novels. Anyhoo here is a close up of the two.

Well my friends, these last few photos are just a few of the many different things going on in my hobby space...

:| Yes, those are screws the boar boyz are sitting on...I thought it poetic considering the whole cost/points effective debate I have heard on them, but hey it makes painting them a lot easier.

This last pic is for those who might be interested in making a painting rig for metal cav riders. It has been working great for my style of batch painting but it may not be for everyone. Hope you guys enjoy.