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Ard Boyz Results


Crypt Horror
Jul 26, 2010
Zanthor said:

Surprisingly, the first mission didn't do anything to me. I figured I might as well "go big or go home" and I was correct. The short deployment zone meant that I was able to slam into my opponent early, and the the improved ability to cast with IF meant that I knew that it wasn't worth throwing the "small" spells. Just concentrate on either Okkams or Purple Sun.
Ya but the fact that our general is usually our main caster if we use one, and theres a good chance he will take wounds from miscasts as well as be sucked into the warp, AND all of our heroes pretty much are casters and can take wounds from a common miscast roll should mean we lose. They replaced the skill in playing with "lets hope i get lucky and dont roll "2" 1's, 2's, 3's, 4's, 5's, or 6's"
Jun 22, 2010
Actually I counted on it, and simply put ward saves on my casters. Most of the time I TRIED to get MIFCast! I also think that it's probably the only way to play VC competitively.

That being said, you've pretty well summed up how I feel about Vampire Counts in general in this edition. We have to rely on magic, because our troops are so horrible. Even ghouls are comparatively weak for their points costs, especially when you consider that we don't have any shooting to "soften up" the enemy before combat.

I notice that nobody else has posted that they are going to the finals.....


True Blood
Nov 27, 2008
Finals aren't worth the money, semi-finals have the best prizes.

I got 3rd place in the semis with my friend's Dwarfs army. Hadn't played them before, made a few mistakes, etc.
Was fun though.