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Grave Tacticus

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Jul 26, 2020
"None may steal from the God of Death.

In the minds of Nagash's servants, this is an
irrefutable law. There is an order to all things that
must be observed; every departed soul is bound for
Shyish, there to become one in the Supreme Lord
of the Undead. In the bleak pits of his malice they
are remade, transformed into the legions through
which he will grind the living to dust and remake
the realms as his 'necrotopia'.

There is much that the Great Necromancer despises,
much that wears at his monstrous pride. Nothing,
however, enrages him more than the theft of souls.
Against those judged guilty of such an offense,
Nagash unleashes his most terrifying armies -- cold-
eyed and vengeful [specters], filled with hatred for
all that breaths."
My wife played Daughters of Khaine, so we picked up the Arena of Shades box for her, saw the above and I just had to share it. Those aelves really need to be taught a lesson about stealing, don't you think?
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