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Army of the Shadowsun.


True Blood
Kalandros Shadowsun. He is a mortal, bound in service to Tzeentch.
His role is that of an observer, the only time he takes an active part in anything is to initiate His and his plans. What they unfold into matters not much to him, he wishes merely to observe once he has set things in motion - observing things that coincide with his plans as well as things that alter them in small part or events that undo it all.

Thus it was that he, observing the reanimated flesh things in the vast wastelands of the north, that he set into motion a plan to unleash a new flavor of undying creatures.

In this manner he observed Sylvania, studying it closely through his minions' eyes and ears, digging away at all the secrets of the Vampire Counts and their mastery of the undead.

Then an idea stirred into his mind. An idea not entirely his...
Well this is the beginning fluff for my army.
I'm changing my pledge entirely, hah! The campaign map can wait until I have a proper army (;

I will soon start adding pictures, perhaps with random fluff descriptions as I think of them, I can't promise full coherence though, and as it is my fluff, it has no reason to stick to any 'Facts' of the Warhammer Fantasy world.

So I pledge a full army, points unknown, model count unknown, there will be a lot of stuff.

Edit - July 18th 2010

I will be using my own unit names mostly, they all count as something from the VC army.

Pledge - Warpwood Coach x2 (Counts as Black Coach)
Pledge - 60 Forsaken (Counts as Ghouls, yes that unit name is used by Warriors of Chaos, they are basically the same thing fluff wise :) ) with 40 bases worth of fillers among which are 10 Chaos Hounds, 4 Vultures and random corpses and bits
Pledge - Iselia, the Ethereal Queen (Counts as Vampire Lord on foot)
Pledge - 2 Shadowlight Constructs (Counts as Corpse Carts)
Pledge - 20 Ghoulgoyles (Counts as Fell bats)

For now, that is all to start with.
I still have models to build and convert, it will take a while yet until I post pictures, hopefully in 2 weeks I will have all my models nearly ready to start the paint jobs.


True Blood
In my demented vision of this converted army I have assembled my Forsaken - counts as ghouls, with a bunch of fillers. Still need to add bits to the bases and a few more filler models to add. I like the look of the unit.

Heads will be added once I've talked with a friend who can do some sculpting


Close up of 2 of my 3 unit champions, I'll most likely play 3x 30 ghouls more than 2x 50... :)


Most of the ghouls have either 1 mutated arm and a weapon or 2 weapons, champions have 2 big weapons and a third armed arm


Master Liche
True Blood
nice Ive never had fillers or seem them used out here how do fillers work?

Besides my curious question your minis' are looking amazing and demented for sure. keep them a coming


True Blood
Using chaos war hounds as fillers, they basically take 2 or 3 tiles, usually fillers are done on a single base but I thought it'd be problematic so I'm using individual bases, remove bases as you take wounds, fillers are just taking more bases than a single model, so that I don't have to buy 3 more marauder boxes -_-

Plus there's no way ghouls or my forsaken would be all ranked one next to the other perfectly. So I added beasts and what not - its a mob of undead~ a raiding party out for flesh to add to their collection~

I call my champions 'The Butchers', they chop up the remains for the Tzeentch Vamps to craft more fleshy constructs


Master Liche
True Blood
hmm that would be a good use for my wolves now to hang out with the zombies as fillers. thanks for explaining it too me. I look forward to seeing it completed. lol the butchers that is soo cool and such a unique idea.


True Blood
30 Forsaken + Butcher for 248 pts~

Sounds fine in an army list.

Anyway, for zombies, since they die in droves, you can put them on 40mmx40mm bases or bigger (as long as it works with 20x20 bases) so that you just remove that chunk of zombies in one go. And on that single base you could have 2 zombies and decorations like a sitting skeleton that hasn't been raised, a tombstone, critters from the corpse carts sprue, etc

Its all about making bigger units from models you're not gonna use anywhere else - making it fit together.


True Blood
Ah but the thing is, I want my demented and insane looking visage for these randomly flailing creations :D
I asked him for 6 variations of heads with the following theme:


Also I've finished the concept for my Warpwood Coaches, I just need to gather all the bits and then start assembling them!
I had to use a certain technique to make bits I didn't have enough of.. (; Made a 2 part mold which, if I'm not mistaken, isn't entirely legal in other parts of the world but seems to be fine in Canada as long as it is for 'Personal Use'.

As I spent $90 on the mold making kit + accessories, I plan on using it, a lot, though not to replicate full minis and not always GWShop bits - I've got plasticard stuff to duplicate too!

Here's the updated first unit with more fillers and a question


Should I remove that bird? I thought it'd give more height to the unit but of course holding such items higher requires something and that big transparent flying stand annoys me a bit.



More views. I've got one of the hounds trampling a banner, shields and broken spears everywhere, some arrows sticking out from 2 models, I'll most likely add more and 2 of the ghouls are dragging corpse attached to their backs.


Vampire Lord
True Blood
Haha, really nice idea! :D Will be very interesting to see the forsaken painted up with some heads. ;)

you've got the ball rolling now! Good start! :D


Master Liche
True Blood
Soo where is the beautiful painting of kalandros, I am so wanting to see what the painted legions of chaos will look like. Since they are not serving the great undead.


True Blood
Oh so very busy, I'm trying to find time to work on my models D:
I'll be finishing half of my fell bats (assembly that is) soon, painting will come once everything is assembled, which I estimate to be mid-september.


Master Liche
True Blood
My motto sleep latter paint now. Naw im kidding, Being busy isnt a fun thing, I feel too much work or stressful things in life. And not enough of what calms us or our hobby is bad for the health. Looking forward to the updates kalandros.


True Blood
3 day weekend, after another 50 hrs work week, I may finally get some time on those models and I've had more ideas now! O:

My Grave Guards will be Horror Guards :D

Time to get to work!


Staff member
True Blood
Now that's a unit with a proper horde look to it! All those flailing limbs really give them a frantic vibe.

I'm also looking forward to seeing what you'll do with those custom heads you've mentioned. I can't recall ever seeing a model painted by you before, but going on what the others have said in this thread I'll be expecting some eye candy. ;)

Oh, and a Happy Birthday to you, Kalandros. Hope you're having a good one. :)


True Blood
I'll get to that, eventually ]: if I get the time.. hah.
Busy life (work!) and generally tired when I get home at 3am ~_~

Everything's coming together, I've got greenstuff work to do on my horror guards and need to figure out a way to not make the Skeleton parts look awkward for being a bit too small compared to a fully armored chaos warrior.

I mean sure, they might have slightly bigger bones, but this is huge thick armor plate and huge muscles and then there's bones, so of course the bones will look out of scale :D etc, my excuse anyway.

My horror guards will be half daemon/armored warriors with no skeletal parts and half skeletal-chaos warriors. Tzeentch themed using the new awesome horrors. Here's a sneak peek at the unit's Daemonic side~ They still need more work on the greenstuff parts but I generally like the twisted silly way they look. Plus I can definitely use them as Chosens of Tzeentch if I play WoC - though I'll need 25mm bases then.

And yeah, 20mm bases for those huge capes and bodies is ANNOYING but I'm finding a way around it.


2nd image is a bit bigger, so click it.

Notice how I partially deamonized them? O: these are "very mutated" some are less mutated and one model is an entire horror with parts of platings remaining, using it as my unit's standard bearer.


True Blood
and an old dark picture of my "WIP" fell bats, still need to work on them some more.

Images' too big, click it ;P

I'll remember size limits for the next images.