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Army-Specific Tactics - Bretonnia


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Nov 26, 2008

This thread is for archiving the various tips, builds and strategies that can be of use when fighting the Bretonnians. This first post will periodically be updated to include the input that has been given in the thread. The categorization is the same as with the earlier threads,

Effective Tactics / Units to Use

Tactics / Units Not Recommended to Use

Enemy Items / Units / Tactics to Watch Out For

:siren:Note that this is not the place for in-depth discussion in regards to the advice that is shared. If you wish to debate on any specific topic, you're free to start up an independent thread in the main section of The Teachings of Abhorash instead.:siren:

Thank you. :)


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Jan 25, 2012
Ok. Lets start sharing some knowledge.

Lord Choices

Bretonnian Lord:
Now this fellow can be kitted out a few ways. The normal one you see is based around Herioc Killing Blow and a magic weapon. Another slightly rarer version is a challenge lord who can even give a Vampire a run for its money.

She can take Beasts, Life and Heavens.
She is run mounted or on foot.
If mounted expect her to wear stubborn crown as she can hide in the middle of a lance.

All Bretonnian armies MUST run a BSB Paladin. This fellow is cheap as chips and rocks a 1+ armor normally

Baby caster, can not take heavens, carries scroll


Knights of the Realm:
All armies must take one unit of these. Solid heavy cav, good armor and ward. Well priced but with lance formation are very fragile in the flank

Knights Errant:
Best heavy cav in the game. Cheap, ITP, Good armor and a good ward.

Men at Arms:
Over-priced steadfast blocks

These bows have flaming long bows for almost no points at all. Watch for these guys in mass for things like Mortis Engines and T-Ghiests

Questing Knights:
Great Weapon Cav, not very popular

Peg Knights:
Flying heavy fast cav, very popular but easy to scare off due to LD 8 and no ITP

Mounted Yoemen:
Mildly overpriced fast cav. Poor LD

Battle Pilgrims:
These suckers are tough for peasants, 4+ armor and the blessing save makes them durable and they have stubborn on LD8. With a reroll near-by this boys are hard to shift.

Grail Knights:
Over-priced but hit like a truck. ALWAYS charge them if you have the chance as a big unit on the charge can pick up a good 20 models with wounds alone.

Cheap long range S5(10) stone thrower with 4-5 wounds. Brilliant, expect two.

Special rules and counters coming soon.
Oct 22, 2012
When fighting Bret's there are a few things to try and keep in mind.

Firstly bret magic can be quite strong. They still have access to a dispel scroll item that gives out a wound. That means they can potentially have two dispel scrolls in one list.
Because of this they will likely shut down at least one phase of magic. It will either be the turn the charge en masse or the turn afterwards to counter the lack of strength after the charge (see below for more on this). To this end try not to rely on magic to win these rounds.

The bret charge is something still to be feared. As said above they can throw in some nasty characters that can combat vampire lords. If they do this feed them a champion. He will die but they don't get the level of overkill that a blender lord will but it will leave your lord alive to eat some knights.
On the charge the lance formation allows for extra attacks from the sides of the lance. These like the others are wounding at str5 and ws4 and can easily take somewhere around 10+ wounds off of you especially if they dual charge.
To combat this use big blocks of zombies and such like. All you need to do is not crumble first round. Once the knights are sat there after the charge they only have str3. You need to keep it this way. Using skeletons to grind them down can work. You will take 1-2 knights a turn if in horde with a character helping. Which should see you have better static res by the second turn. Also aim to stop their beasts magic here especially wyssans. Wyssans will stop you hurting them and gives them the strength needed to grind through you.

You may see a bret blender build although if you do that guy won't have a magic weapon as to get the extra attacks he has to forgoe this. However don't be fooled into thinking they won't be able to hurt ethereal units as a canny opponent will buy the grail vow thus making their attacks magical.

To combat the bret army screams are brilliant. Bret's have mainly t3 and rely on their saves. The higher level ward as triggered by str5 and above so they will only have a 6+ to protect them. Essentially you are aiming to whittle down their units with the screaming. Aim to hit each unit so it loses a rank. That means 1 kill in combat and they have no ranks for a standard 9 man lance. Less static res = less crumble yes a no brainer but with smallish units they are going to struggle.

I have more to add but I'll leave it t that for now.

Jul 13, 2012
The main things to remember with Brets is that they aren't afraid of ethereals and monsters.

Apart from Skaven, Bretonnians is actually the army where units such as hexwraiths suffer the most due to facing an army with lots of potential magic attacks and much greater mobility.

The trick to facing Brets is just make sure you aren't outmaneuvered early on.

Their best chance of winning against Brets with any army is simply to absorb his charge. Brets have decent shooting, but very weak offensive magic and will never win a battle at range...not even againts Vampires.

Fortunately you got a perfect unit for dealing with Brets.

Zombies. Brets have no answer to big units of zombies or skeletons. The only strength Brets have is relatively many attacks over a small frontage but unlikely most other armies they don't have rerolls or the like to save them from the rubber lance syndrome.

Basically a knight unit that gets stuck in your infantry is more or less doomed.


-Use Dire wolves and terrorgheists or even hexwraiths to restricts his movement early on. Bretonnia mobility in the early stages is one of his key advantages.

- Absorb his charges with skeletons and zombies. Don't let him hit your good units. No need to let him into the game

- Once his army is stranded hackign down your infantry focus on bringing them back with Invocation. Brets do no damage in second round of combat, so as long you got 10+ models left after their inititial charge you should be good.

- Take his army apart at your leisure by hitting his flanks with vargheists, wights etc.

Brets are weak. They are at their weakest fighting armies who can field hordes of expendable chaff and they are weak against stuff that's unbreakable.

So you are at a whopping advantage to start with. As long as you are careful about not getting your general at the wrong end of a Bret lord and as long as you can shield your best units in the initial phase, then the Bret player cannot win.