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Army-Specific Tactics - Dark Elves

Disciple of Nagash

The Perverted One
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Feb 12, 2008
So after some though I decided we need a clear and concise thread clearly laying out some tactics or things to watch out for against specific armies. I know we have various threads already, but this I have decided to create all new ones.

So this is how it is going to work:

State you advice nice and clearly under one of the following:

Effective Tactics / Units to Use

Tactics / Units not recommended to use

Enemy Items / Units / Tactics to watch out for

That should cover most of it. Post up your advice and I will slowly add them to this first post so people don't have to trawl through the full thread.

:siren:This is not a discussion / debating thread. If you see a prior piece of advice that is wrong then you can post so saying why but if you want to start an in-depth discussion do so in another thread.:siren:

Get posting!!
Jun 24, 2013
War Hydras are nasty. costing 87 skaven slaves and having regen, wounds,strength and toughness 5, attacks 7, it can really chew tough units like crypt horrers. send some hexwraiths thru it- they'll negate its armor and regen, causing a str 5 hit per wraith.

Corien Sumatris

Vampire Count
True Blood
Jul 3, 2013
Or just charge them into it. It doesn't have magical attacks and no soft CR. Or just do it with a spirit host. XXpts to tie up tripple the points for the whole game! thats a win in my book

Edit: Totally put the point cost in for the Hosts, sorry forum master, I fixed it!


True Blood
May 15, 2008
Sun, Hydrae do not have a magical attack upgrade. Do you mean from Lore of Fire/Metal?

-Pendant of Khaleth Lord ---TG screams and/or Lore of Death Snipes. The ward doesn't work against these.
-MSU witch elves. Some players field small units of these and sometimes buff them with mindrazor. Promptly feed them a spirit host.
-Their infantry fight well but they can't heal. Hold them up and let them charge you so you can heal on your turn.
-Crypt Horrors like stomping on Black Guard, a lot.
-Hexwraiths eat most of that army alive; Hydrae, Knights, crossbowmen, etc. Beware of magic missiles and the like. You'll rarely see a character with magical attacks other than the flying Dread Lord so watch out for him and deal with the rest. Lore of Fire and Metal can give dark elves magic attacks so be wary of Flaming Sword of Rhuin and Enchanted Blades.

The Sun King

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Aug 22, 2012
Haha - I think I was pretty tired when I wrote that - that we were talking about the HPA for some reason, sorry :)
Jun 22, 2013
- BG conga line, hardcore tarpit that's stubborn and ITP (man, do I hate conga lines, they should be forbidden)


Sir Larpsalot, champion of larpers
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Apr 7, 2012
new book in 3 weeks, lets see how nasty they be after that :)