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Army-Specific Tactics - Dwarfs


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True Blood

This thread is for archiving the various tips, builds and strategies that can be of use when fighting the Dwarfs. This first post will periodically be updated to include the input that has been given in the thread. The categorization is the same as with the earlier threads,

Effective Tactics / Units to Use

Tactics / Units Not Recommended to Use

Enemy Items / Units / Tactics to Watch Out For

:siren:Note that this is not the place for in-depth discussion in regards to the advice that is shared. If you wish to debate on any specific topic, you're free to start up an independent thread in the main section of The Teachings of Abhorash instead.:siren:

Thank you. :)

The Dread King

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True Blood
Ethereals really hurt dwarfs, hexwraiths and black coach are particularly nasty as they just zoom around unchecked (bar rune cannons) causing heaps of damage. Direwolves are excellent at taking out dwarf war machines.