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This is just a pic to pic tutorial for building your own coffins from thin wood/balsa. Let me know if it's useful or could be buried (mmmppfffhhhhgnihihihihi). 🤡 Don't be too hard. 👻

What you need:
  • Thin wood (balsa for example)
  • a sharp cutting knife
  • instant or wood glue
  • pencil (best: soft lead pencil)

Step 1
Take a human size model to know how big the shape of the backplate has to be, and draw the shape of the backplate on the wood.


Step 2
Cut out the shape carefully. Better cut each line slow and often instead of pressing the knife on the wood, as this may cause the wood to break in it's structure lines.


Step 3
Place the wood for the frame/sidebars next to the corresponding side of the backplate and mark the length of each part (the height can be corrected later).


Step 4
Now cut out the marked pieces carefully. If the height is different from piece to piece, place them in a line and cut them in an adequate height. Remove the pencil marks with a rubber.


Step 5
Cut an angle on the inner corners of the frame pieces.


Step 6
Now glue the frame pieces on the sides of the backplate. Take care that the angles are on the inner side (I mostly mess up this part xD).


Step 7
When the first piece is glued, add glue on the angles too to give more stability.


Step 8
When the frame is complete, you're ready theoretically.



You can now add green stuff applications - formed as iron bars, bolts, emblems and so on. When you go for the coffin lid, lay two small pieces of wood from side to side on the top side (as shown on the coffin lid shield skellie). For an older look, cut some slices in the frame and lid, and add some grass and/or bushes.


Painting is really easy, you can go with just pure or thinned brown inks, thinned brown layer paints, etc. I use only one layer of thinned ink, and that's it. Like the effect. 😉


It's also easy to use them for basing, just spare the backplate, and cut the frame pieces with a slight angle, like they are half buried (sorry for the bad pic, I'm talking about the base in the lower left corner).


Graveyard - unit fillers profit by half buried coffins too, of course.


I hope I gave some tips and inspiration. 🎃


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