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I saw some posts with tutorials and various painting techniques, so I decided I also share my experiences. If I break any rule, just delete this post.

I would like to describe two ways of making rust effects I use.

Wash technique

Colors: Boltgun metal, Flesh wash, Black ink

Brush: Standard brush

First, paint the blade/spear tip/whatever with boltgun metal. Then apply heavy wash with Flesh wash. Next, apply medium wash with Black ink. Finally, highlight the edges with boltgun metal, or possibly with Chainmail or Mithril silver.

Finished result on spear tips

Stippling technique

Colors: Boltgun metal, Bestial brown (or Scorched brown and snakebite leather), Blazing orange, Black ink

Brush: Stippling brush + Standard brush

First again, apply boltgun metal. Now apply soft wash with black ink. Then use stippling technique to apply Bestial brown or 50/50 mix of Schorched brown and Snakebite leather. Simply take stippling brush (or similar brush - I use old small drybrush which has similar shape now), dip it in color and instead of wiping the color from the brush like with drybrush technique, just 'stab' onto paper, till it leaves only few dots as a trace. Then use the same procedure to apply the paint. After you finish, use the same technique to apply Blazing orange. Next apply medium to soft wash with black ink. Finally highlight chosen edges with Boltgun metal.

Finished result on sword


You don't really need original stippling brush. I use old GW Small drybrush with a bit of dried color

Pics are not the best quality, but I hope the are enough
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Jun 15, 2021
Old colours = New colours
  1. Boltgun metal = Leadbelcher
  2. Flesh wash = Reikland Fleshshade (closest)
  3. Black ink = Nuln Oil
  4. Bestial brown = Mournfang Brown
  5. Scorched brown = Rhinox Hide
  6. Snakebite leather = Balor Brown
  7. Blazing orange = Troll Slayer Orange
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Jun 15, 2021
I'm not a very fancy painter but I use Typhus Corrosion for a quick and easy rusty wash.
Typhus Corrision is good for if you want a texture of rust, but it results in a brown. A quick drybrush of an orange over it (Ryza Rust is usually recommended) makes the rusting effect really "shine"
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