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ASL, ASF and re-rolls.


Vampire Count
Apr 10, 2013
Quick one, hopefully easy to answer:

My Vampire has Quickblood and the Nightshroud, and he faces an enemy with I8 (or higher).

The enemy is affected by the Nightshroud and so has ASL, but still has a higher initiative than my lord. Do I get re-rolls?
Apr 28, 2013
backing up Geordie.

rerolls only when ini is equal or higher no matter the asl of the opponent.

ASL usually comes with a heavy 2h weapon or a debuff like the shroud, this doesnt mean your opponent suddenly turned into a dimwitted and slow fighter, his fighting initiative is still higher than yours hes just forced by his heavy broadsword or double-sided battle-axe or a filthy magical shroud that makes you move like a shadow to be a tad slower, giving you time to hit all your attacks before he can take a swing.
The rerolls on the other hand are based upon you being at equal or higher initiative, pointing out that your opponent is less keen when it comes to attacking fast when he is facing someone that is ASF. Where you would strike simultaneously or before him already, ASF grants you even more battle prowess when it comes to your speed, allowing you to be even more precise and accurate with your hits.