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Aura of Dark Majesty


Stylish Deviant
True Blood
Oct 30, 2009
This vampiric power costs alot of points for a vamp power (50 pts), has one of the coolest names ever, and doesnt seem to get used.
Why does it cost so much, and why does no-one use it?

Lord Fear

Master Vampire
True Blood
Aug 15, 2007
Because most people would rather get easy wins than do anything different ;)

I myself have used it, and continue to do so. In the 2nd issue of the Invocation I did a tournament report where I used a Zombie Dragon ("Sub-optimal", I'm told) and my Lord has this power ("SO sub-optimal!"). Out of around 60 people I came 5th, and the ADM really helps, especially combined with Walking Death, as it is basically +2CR, and it affects stubborn leadership too, which was nice for all the Steggardons I faced that weekend.

I'll be using a foot Vampire Lord with the powers, a classic von Carstein set-up at a heavily restricted tournament next month, think it should do pretty well. Sadly I won't be combining it with Wraiths, which is where the real win is at.


Wight King
Apr 9, 2008
I agree, its such a cool power but i the reason why people doesnt use it is because of its cost.

its very fitting for characters such as Vlad and other Carsteins


Black Knight
Apr 5, 2010
To be honest its a nice power, but as mentioned, its not worth 50 points in most people's points of view.

Another point to note its underuse, is the fact that most Vampire builds either focus on Magic or Combat, and ADM doesn't fit either of these as well as others (even though it slightly leans towards combat). I mean, most people will always take Fury and either Dread Knight or Avatar of Death, which is 70 or 75 points instantly, automatically cancelling the 50 points for ADM. If Dread Knight or AoD aren't taken, then it could be taken, but it gets pretty expensive to take both armour and a weapon aswell, and you're spending 25 or 30 more points on the powers, and you might want to take a mount. Basically, it isn't just an expensive power, taking it also makes it hard to manage the rest of your powers, items and (if you take one) a mount and you can spiral your points out of control. You need to either make cut-backs or be willing to spend 450-500 points on a character geared for combat when you can get one just as effective for around 100 points less, by taking Dread Knight over ADM+Armour+Weapon(+mount). Oh, and most will take the +1 Magic Level too.

If you want a character using all this static CR stuff, who is (supposedly) well protected, for around the same points as the aforementioned build, then take Vlad.

Disciple of Nagash

The Perverted One
Staff member
Feb 12, 2008
In a nutshell, because it doesn't fit in a combo of other powers very easily when you are trying to create a combat or magic monsters. There are other powers which enhance the choice much better.

Still as Flapula said, when you have got bored of the standard lists it can become a feasible option, though it does require thinking a tad more.


True Blood
Nov 27, 2008
Against armies not immune to Terror - combine terror causer with -1 LD for potentially devastating domino effect


Stylish Deviant
True Blood
Oct 30, 2009
I have been thinking that if you combine it with large units of gg and skellies, as well as combat res banners/powers/ helm of commandment and a terror causing unit, then have the vamp also cast some IoN's..... Perhaps that could work okay, at least hopefully get an advantage in combat rez in big combats.
Perhaps if GW releases a fantasy version of apocalypse, and units get really nice and big, aura of dark majesty and other supportive combat powers may become more usefull than a tooled up combat lord in combats.


The Devil in Pale Moonlight
True Blood
Aug 19, 2007
Beguile, Inf. fury, Aura + Sword of Kings, Nightshroud, gem of blood and cursed book. I give you, the Lahmian build of choice(well, my choice anyways).

Back her up with 2 units of wraiths, each with a banshee and anyone getting too close is in for alot of hurt. Not only does their scream hurt but if you also keep the helm of command nearby(preferbly in a bunker behind your lady or lord) they're also quite able in dealing with things trying to pull a flank/rear charge on you.

Keep in mind the aura does work with the the banshee's scream as it is an actual change to their LD. The reason I mention this is that I've heard it get mentioned in the same sentence as the Lore of Death spell Doom and Darkness which works differently.


Crypt Horror
Dec 21, 2009
IMO It needs to cover a bigger area (or be worth less points) before I would take it for any reason other than fun (which granted it is). 50 points means your vamp is centered around that ability (even a lord with half his points dedicated to it has to make use of it). 6" is pretty much limited to whoever you are fighting. Fact is walking death will pretty much give you the same effect with four exceptions (that I can figure)
1) Banshee scream does 1 more dmg (pretty nice actually, but specific)
2) Can combine with terror (which works with anything within 6"), but lowering save by one is pretty minimal for investing half/all of your vamp powers.
3)Can lower stubborn's roll (once again, relatively specific and only effective if you don't outnumber)
4) Walking death will help you win CR, ADM only helps you (in a combat sense) if you win CR.

One time for fun I made a CR Lord (Walking death ADM, warbanner and BSB (over 3k points)) Worked really well since my opponent was scared to challenge a vampire lord :twisted: Threw him in a unit of skeletons that had double US banner and everyone was outnumbered :). Never seen such a great unit of skellies... but if anyone challenged him with a hero that can actually fight, it would be a struggle
May 7, 2010
Kind of reminds me of my Chaos Lord build, Filth Mace (kill a unit to cause terror) and Aura of .. what was it? I was gonna say Dark Majesty hahaha... It was the same kind of thing, all enemies going up against the lord get -1 ld against his terror. That was the plan anyway.

In that regard I could see you tooling up a vampire to be a scary mofo. You take the Aura, you take Beguile, and you take the terror ability (or the terror sword if you'd prefer) then you deck your vamp out with protecty fun items, maybe Lycni or what have you.. whatever works I don't have my book on me but I am sure I could come up with something fun along those lines. But yeah, definately not good against ITP armies or things like that. I am actually considering engineering a fear vamp just for fun because of this!

-- Ravenfeld


Grave Guard
Jun 30, 2009
I have had some success with Aura if I kept my battle line tight so the units on either side of the Vampire Lord could benefit.

Now if having to take a Fear test before each combat pans out then Aura of Dark Majesty's high point cost won't seem so bad since the power could give our troops a nice benefit in combat .


Master Necromancer
True Blood
Jul 24, 2008
Dklyn said:
One time for fun I made a CR Lord (Walking death ADM, warbanner and BSB (over 3k points))
Not to nitpick, but only Heroes can be BSB's

I am currently running AoDM on my dragon lord, and I've been having a lot of fun with it.

If he's near your enemies general, the general is handing out -1 to his base Ld to everyone within a foot!

Throw in -1Ld on the terror bomb too, and we're talking good times.

As DoN said, you have to think a tad more. But if we didn't want to think, we'd play something else.