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Grave Tacticus

Staff member
Jul 26, 2020
I'm tying to decide what base size I should put my new Aviarch Spymaster on, and the main consideration is what he'll count as in play. I'm pretty much set on the Soulmason, as the Soul-guide spell seems more thematically appropriate to being an information specialist than the abilities of the Soulreaper and Boneshaper, but I still wanted some outside input before fully committing. Do you agree?


Master Necromancer
True Blood
Sep 23, 2009
soulmason rules more or less works closest, yeah, even though the spymaster in lore is neither a spellcaster nor a mortisan. The wounds characteristic is ever-so-slightly-wrong for an infantry mortisan, but the movement is the same and the mount attacks could just as easily represent bird attacks instead. That's a 40mm round base. I'd recommend building up an elevated scenic base using layers of cork board in order to get a even a little bit closer to the appropriate tallness for line of sight purposes.

Alternatively, if your local group is up for it, you could come up with a custom warscroll using the anvil of apotheosis rules from white dwarf... which was it? 461? I wouldn't recommend using the generic anvil rules from thondia, they don't really support the needed options & keywords for ossiarch characters.

Grave Tacticus

Staff member
Jul 26, 2020

Out of the two OBR archetypes, Liege is definitely the choice, since Aviarchs aren't Mortisans and Endless Duty is good and fits the messenger ravens sending orders out to the troops.

Liege (6)
M 5" - W 5 - B 10 - Save 4+
Command Ability: Endless Duty
Keywords: Death, Oassiarch Bonereapers, Liege, Hero


With nary a weapon anywhere, but a particularly sharp looking beak, I think two sets of Ossified Talons with a twist will do.

Ossified Talons and Beak (1)
R 1" - A 4 - toH 4+ - toW 4+ - Rend -1 - D 1

Enhancements and Abilities

Three abilities stand out right away on this list: Harrowing Shriek, Decapitating Strike, and Spirit Host. Aspected as the Aviarch is toward the avian, and that carrion birds are known for their unsettling calls, Harrowing Shriek feels thematic and gives this backline commander some ability to do damage from afar. As a roguish type, I think he should be able to do critical type damage, and mortal wounds on sixes fits that. And finally, Spirit Host is a great stand in for his messengers ravens to join the fray should he be caught in close combat, if only I had one more destiny point the Spirit Hosts could have four attacks.

Harrowing Shriek (4)
2D6 Bravery test within 9", MW equal to number exceeding Bravery of target.

Decapitating Strike (4)
Model's melee weapons do a MW on 6s to wound.

Messenger Ravens (4)
Talons and Beaks - R 1" - A 2 - toH 5+ - toW 5+ - Rend \ - D 1
Frightful Touch - Rolls of 6 to hit cause MW.

Destiny Points: 19/20

There's a part of me that wants to drop Harrowing Shriek for four more raven attacks. I could see a build with Mortis Praetorians that leans into Harrowing Shriek, but it's probably not worth it in Petrifex Elite, which is what I'd be running the Aviarch in.
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