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True Blood
Jan 15, 2008
The Gast tightened his grip on his skull tipped staff as he fearfully approached the Sarcophagus where his master slumbered, pausing he looked back at the gathered clan. The ground had shook and the ghouls had sensed the dark Magic that had been unleashed, not understanding they turned to the one being whom they believed to be invincible, Graveclaw. The Gast Threw itself onto the ground before the sarcophagus groveling, reaching out to it the Ghoul began to make pitiful whining sounds begging its god to awaken, to give it guidance. Something stirred inside the sarcophagus, a loud grating sound filled the air as the lid slid over to crash to the ground as Graveclaw rose from his slumber “What doessss gasssst wa...” he began before trailing off sniffing the air the Ghoulkings ears moved as if he were trying to locate a sound “How long hasss Graveclaw sssslept?” he growled at the ghoul. The Gast looked up from where he had been grovling in the dirt “Many, many days Dark One” it hissed “The sun is high in the sky” Graveclaw flexed his claws “Ready the clan thissss night we go to the Carssstine place sssssomthing big hasss happened” he growled.
Not open for further replies.