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Background and Fluff Q & A - Need some help? Ask here!

Nov 18, 2010
In keeping with the format of the fantasy background thread.

This thread is to ask specific questions regarding warhammer fluff and background (credit to Mr Nightwere for the original idea). This is not a discussion thread.

Questions and Answers only please.

~ Bishop

ok i have a quick question about 40k fluff not sure if here is the right place to post it but here it is Anyway, i was wondering if the Ecclesiarchy allows women in its Ranks , like can they become priests , confessors , Cardinals Etc. ??


Master Necromancer
True Blood
Feb 5, 2009
RE: [split] Background and Fluff Q & A - Need some help? Ask here!

:siren:Thread split, moved, renamed and stickied:siren:

I'm not home (travelling for work) at the moment. If you fail to get an answer, I should be able to provide that once I'm home again.


Wight King
Feb 3, 2015
Hi all, I have a couple of questions regarding Blood Dragon fluff, I'm sure scolars of the Black Arts such as yourselves can lend a hand...
I'm very interested in trying to create a timeline for Walach's activities with a view to perhaps one day fleshing it out into a novel; meanwhile I'd love to know of any other characters that were involved with him and their interactions, in particular Mikael, Konrad and Aurora; I understand that Walach had a period in which he carried the Blood Dragon Banner after Mikael's death, and that he led the Blood Knights under Konrad von Carstein against the Dwarfs, but I've seen no mention of it in the Vampire Wars books... maybe I didn't look carefully enough.
Also does anyone know what the Blood Dragon Banner and the Flag Of Blood Keep are meant to look like? I really hope the Flag isn't that classic Gothic folly on a precipice with a full moon in the background...
Hope you can help guys, thanks.