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Background and Fluff Q & A - Need some help? Ask here!

This thread is to ask specific questions regarding warhammer fluff and background (credit to Mr Nightwere for the original idea). This is not a discussion thread. Questions and Answers only.

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who can give me information about Lord Tepec-Inzi who leads an expedition into Naggaroth to recover stolen artifacts from the dark elves.

I ask because I want my own character to accompany them, and retrieve/Steal said artifacts but cant tell what race the expedition is? (chaos? Empire? and so on and so forth).

And thought that this may be a useful Thread for the less experienced users, to ask for guidance from the more experienced CN members, who know alot about the Fluff of the old world.


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RE: Q & A - Need some help

Try this

Go to the second page or use the document search to search for the Slann's name.
It has something about the raid on the Dark Elves.

Sorry I can't find anything else and don't actually know anything about it personally.
RE: Q & A - Need some help

Hmm I see.
If it was to assist in one of the grudges the dwarfs are so famous for and the human/vampire in question knew something or had something the dwarfs needed, then would they teach a human to rune-craft?


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RE: Q & A - Need some help

No sadly to be a Runesmith you need to be related to a Runesmith,

The Guild Of Runesmiths is said to have its origins in the days of the Ancestor God, Grungni. They claim to be descended from his son, Morgrim. and it is for this reason they sometimes refer to themselves as the Clan of Morgrim, though they are not the only clan who to claim descent from the mighty god. All Runesmiths are kin, although the relation is often somewhat remote. Each family hands down it's craft through the generations. When a Runesmith feels that the time is right, he will take one of his youg relatives as an apprentice, teaching him all he knows about the art of Rune making. However, if the Runesmith can find no-one worthy enough to succeed him, he will take his knowledge to the grave, and so many runes of great power have been lost in this fashion, all due to the Runesmiths secretive nature.
RE: Q & A - Need some help

Hmm i see once again

Would a dwarf or chaos rune smith write down how to create runes?

Also what about chaos dwarfs? Do they possess runes, if so could a vampire persuade one to teach him to to replicate/create his own?


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RE: Q & A - Need some help

I believe rune-lore works like Viking Sagas in that it is passed on by word of mouth

Dwarf Runes were started by the Dwarf Ancestor God Grundie(Spelling) who came along after the Chaos Dwarves left so Chaos Dwarves do not have runes.

Chaos Runes are basically the tongue of Daemons given written form it drive you insane just looking at them.

so I'd just say your character made up his own Bastardized version of Runes perhaps ones that run on Necromancy or Dark magic.
RE: Q & A - Need some help

yes i believe that could be achieved thank you very much Ghouly you have been a great help.

One more thing through, if say I wanted to learn magical lore from the Ratmen. how would I go about doing this as a vampire, what would they have to teach and where what would i expect the underpire to look like?

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RE: Q & A - Need some help

I would say in the case of Skaven they would not willingly teach you. The best way would be to capture and threaten one with killing. They are cowardly creatures after all.
RE: Q & A - Need some help

What could they teach me, I assume they have a written language which mean books which means I can at least learn something from them.
In the case of them back stabbing me, well I suppose Jason will just have to outsmart them.

As for the dwarfs I will have to employ a spy or spirit to be my eyes and ears within the dwarf community to obtain the information, while I could play ambassador for a while at least.

Would lizard men willingly teach a vampire or associate with a vampire or a human for that matter.

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RE: Q & A - Need some help

You've got to give these races some respect, they can't all be outwitted.

Dwarfs have the best protective runes. When runesmiths work they always shield their working areas. I would say there is next to no chance of a spell or spirit penetrating them, and there is even less chance a runesmith will tell you.

With Skaven - they are the masters of duplicity and backstabbing. You may be able to learn some but it would be difficult.

Lizardmen - no chance. Simple as that. They see a vampire they kill a vampire. (TVC being an exception xD). No human would get anywhere near a Slaan outside of battle, and the skinks don't know that much.

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I can only find dates about knights of the black rose sadly, here it is anyway.

The Knights of the Black Rose were trained to
combat the ravages of Chaos in all its forms. Like
many Ostlanders, the deity of the order is Morr, the
ancient god of death, and it is from one of the
symbols of Morr that the Order derives its name.
The Knights date their founding back to the early
War of the Vampire Counts, when Vlad von
Carstein ravaged the northern Empire. Disgusted by
the desecration of the dead and the torment of their
immortal souls, it was a time when many Ostlanders
returned to the old faith of Morr. In this religious
fervour, the greatest warriors were singled out by
the Elector Count of Ostland to fight Morr's battles
and to protect Wolfenburg.

By no means the oldest or greatest knightly order,
the Knights of the Black Rose only serve in the
army of Ostland. Their numbers have swelled since
their founding in 2011, but still they are relatively
few and used sparingly
. Even so, to the true
worshippers of Morr, death holds little fear, and the
Knights of the Black Rose are renowned for their
bravery and determination in the face of
overwhelming odds.

The Knights wear blackened armour
as a sign of their patron deity, often trimmed with
bronze or brass. The Knights of the Black Rose are
unusual in that they fight with cruel flails rather than
the lances of other Knightly Orders; their reasoning
is that lances break too quickly.

For The Black Guard of Morr and the Knights of Morr I can not find any founding dates.
At only 300 years after the founding of the empire I'm unsure exactly how many knightly orders there where and what exact state the Cult of Morr was in, I have alot of information on the cult and such but no dates.

Get of W'soran

CN's Lord of Masks
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A vampire can drink another vampires blood (sort of like diablerie in world of darkness) and gain power, if they drain them completely they will gain a large portion of their strength.

Mannfred did this to try and surpass the power of his sire.
Hmmm interesting... Thats very interesting.

Wha ha ha ha ha ha

what would you recommend for people who want to find out more about warhammer vampire fluff book wise

Get of W'soran

CN's Lord of Masks
True Blood
Definitely the Liber Necris, it is brilliant.

On the drinking of another vampires blood, I think the other vampire has to be either older and of at least equal generation or just higher generation (I can't be drinking a weaker vamp's blood helping) for it to make you stronger.

The other vampire books I have are;
Vampire Wars
Curse of the Necrarch
Ancient Blood