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Master Necromancer
True Blood
Sep 23, 2009
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Death-focused summary:

  • Significant points increase for Krondspire Incarnate (+80)

  • points up for a few endless spells, including cogs, sun, and spellportal

  • No rules changes for death factions from the last battlescroll - FEC still get their 6++ without conditions and OBR still get battleline necro-stalkers and immortis guard.

  • No points adjustments for Nighthaunt.

  • The other death factions have all seen a number of points drops from GHB, though I don't have the previous battlescroll on hand, so I can't say if they're changed from that.

  • FEC: Royal (unridden) Terrorgheist and Zombie Dragon at 285 and 275 respectively

  • OBR: Cralwer and Harvester both back down to 200, Morghasts both types down to 160, stalkers at 165, immortis guard down all the way to 150. Is that cheap enough for battleline immortis to see play? Anyone else feel tempted to run 160 point Morghast Harbingers?

  • SGL: Terrorgheist at 285, Zombie dragon 275, as w/ fec. Wight king all the way down to 90 (is even that low enough? It still doesn't feel low enough to me), mounted version at 110. palanquin at 20, neferata 345.
personally the OBR points changes almost make me want to break them out of storage to try some sort of monstrous infantry spam bruiser list, but then I remember how awkward their rules feel in 3e and I just don't know.

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