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Beating high elves?

Aug 12, 2016
Hi all,

After a 15 year break from warhammer altogether me and a friend decided to start collecting again. We aim to play friendly AOS 1500+ point battles once we have brought and painted the armies.

I have chosen the Death faction focusing on VC while my friend has gone for Order. His army will be 100% high elf focusing on range I'd imagine.

My question to the community is, should I focus on a particular army build that will work well against high elves? What would that build look like? Any tactics that would help?

Any advice you could offer would be greatly appreciated.


Mad 'At

Dumb enough to work
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True Blood
Apr 2, 2011
@Mortix: Hi and welcome to the forums! Always good to see old veterans returning to the hobby.

Personally I would advise against tailoring your army towards a specific foe. For friendly games my take on it would be more on bringing what you think is cool and interesting to play, and then trying to make the best out of it in the games. Of course you can touch up and tinker with the army, but I wouldn't build it from the base up to beat High Elves. I can't help you much myself when it comes to tactics and specific army builds, as I am not at all into AoS. But if you want any more advise on tactics and stuff you should check out Understanding the Underworlds. You can also check out Summoning the Deathrattlers for army builds, or post your own ideas and get some feedback.