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Blackadder's FW Chaos Warhound Build

Dec 7, 2010
No Chaos Turbo Laser

There is no Turbo laser for the FW Chaos Warhound so I have to make one. Not as easy as it may seem; there's a fine line between too little and too much distressing I hope I haven't exceeded it. Of course once its all a homogeneous colour it won't look as bad and I need so Chaos style icons to dress it up and of course the webbing between the components.

I'm starting the subsurface ligaments at the moment......


It's kind of fun ruining 60 buck worth of resin....

Dec 7, 2010
In Demigod We Rust:

The basic coat of rust is applied of which this is a fair sampling I'm using Vallejo AV Model Air Rust 71.080 50/50 paint to alcohol which seems a bit light for rust colour but once the black wash is on it will darken. While eventually the entire model will be getting a dusting of dry rust pigments I feel certain cancerous areas need this extra painting of corrosion in the deeper wounds.

Once all the painted rusting is in place I will try highlighting the subcutaneous ganglia etc, with Rakarth Flesh and Bone White.


Vallejo also makes a metallic rust but I don't like the sparkly look. Rust shouldn't sparkle.

Dec 7, 2010
I chose the T'Rex because of it size which although literally less than half the half the height of a Warhound gives a good approximation of how a biped of this scale would move. Note in the image above the carnivore is actually trailing a sauropod prey and therefore probably moving at a fair pace to catch it's dinner. I don't believe T'Rexs' could travel at 40mph (64k) because of the danger of breaking bones in a fall. I also think such speeds would be prohibitive for a Warhound probably 20 mph would be top speed.


Unhappy Household Hints from The Blackadder

To keep harmony in the household I suggest you purchase this item instead of stealing it from your spouse's utensil drawer.

If a cheap nonstainless melon baller is in the drawer I suggest you dazzle your wife with an upscale stainless baller. Makes a nice b'day gift.


Here we see an inexpensive chrome plated baller about a buck fifty mind you the cheaper the better as we want mild steel.

Note the 1 inch cup fits the neck gimbal perfectly and is plenty strong enough to support the head.


A couple of seconds with a hack saw and a file and the deed is done.


Install the cup between the two magnets used for the head attachment


You may have to sand paper the cup to rough up the surface but you can readily see the range of motion afforded by this mechanism.

(Note the conduit collar was left off for clarity in these images.)





I wanted the ability for the head to look down as it is pertinent to the pose I have in mind.