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Feb 12, 2008
Minor Blood Powers
The bloodline powers may be chosen by vampires of any bloodline in addition to their specific bloodline powers, however they use up the vampires bloodline allowance as per normal. Necromancers may not take any of these powers

Spectral Form - 50pts
As per the VC Army Book

Hunter in the Dark – 25pts
As per the VC Army Book

Abomination - 25pts.
The very existence of the vampire is an affront to nature, permeating an aura of undeath so profound that it causes mortals to cry out in anguish and flee in terror.
The vampire causes terror.

Vampiric Aura - 25 pts
The Vampire controls his undead minions from his mind. As such, minions close to him prove more resilient to crumbling.
Undead within 6" which are in battle, suffer 1 less casualty from crumbling. This is cumulative with other effects such as a BSB, however it cannot stack with other Vampiric Auras

Quicksilver - 20pts
The vampire is strikes swifter than a snake, endless attacks crushing the foe before them
The vampire has +1A.

Dark Resistance - 15 pts
This vampire’s body is so wasted that poison finds no method of travel, and is rendered void
Vampire is immune to Poison.

Lord of the Dead – 15pts
As per the VC Army Book

Summon Creatures of the Night – 15pts
As per the VC Army Book

Summon Ghouls – 15pts
As per the VC Army Book

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