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Bloodmoon Hunters - Army Lists

Jun 19, 2018
To reduce clutter I will stick to one thread for posting my own list ideas and comments on how they perform, linking back to battle report threads so people interested can look between. General format will be as follows;


Who I have played it against

Comments on units

The following post will be about my first list and example of this format.
Jun 19, 2018
My List

- Shysh

- Legion of Sacrament

- Vampire Lord (140) - General - Command Trait : Mastery of Death - Nightmare - Artefact : Ethereal Amulet - Lore of the Vampires : Vile Transference, Soulpike
- Guardian of Souls with Nightmare Lantern (140)
- Spirit Torment (120)

20 x Chainrasp Horde (160)
10 x Dire Wolves (120)
5 x Blood Knights (240)
2 x Bat Swarms (80) TOTAL: 1000/1000

Who I played against:

First Game - Sylvaneth on Ghyran
Second Game - Stormcast Eternals on Ghyran (used the starter set from Soul Wars, was our second game after he wanted me to bring a balanced list and not the Nighhaunt side which is at a disadvantage)

Comments on Units

Vampire Lord: A great utility general and backline assassin, main thing I have learnt is not to get cocky and put her against things above her weight class. Against normal troops she is a butcher however and does great work buffing all my hordes, making them more dangerous, or if I get the timing right, get one big turn from the Blood Knights. The combination of the feel no pain, etherial amulet, Vile Transference, Chalice of Blood and natural healing also make her very difficult to put down, surviving two rounds of combat with sequiturs on 2 wounds, before butchering them, running off and destroying backline units.

Guardian of Souls: Though mediocre in combat, he is a fantastic support unit for the Chainrasp, giving them a nice buff and helping keep the unit alive. This is important ans this list is built around using the Chainrasp to tie things up, so my direwolves and vampire lord can remove anything from the back, assassinate heroes etc before helping finish off the big things entangled by the chainrasps.

Spirit Torment: An interesting unit, very useful in a Nighthaunt allegiance, though his healing is somewhat superseded by the natural abilities of a Legions of Nagash army, he gave a nice buff for the chainrasp, but ultimatly I may be better served by replacing him with a Knight of Shrouds or a 10 man unit of Direwolves.

Chainrasp Horde: The big star of this list, in such a low point level and when supported by the heroes and gravesites, this blob is incredibly difficult to put down, and if it is, you can bring it right back. This makes it a nightmare for armies that lack mortal wounds and if you manage to tie something big up in it, pure number of attacks will likely destroy it. In both games played with this list almost soloed the sylvaneth list destroying their battleline, Branchwychs, treelord ancient and spirit of durthu. Against the stormcast they managed to keep back the heroes, soak up magic by being an obvious target and wear them down, allowing for my Vapire Lord to massacre their entire backbone, with help from my Blood Knights.

Direwolves: A cheap chaff unit, they are great for grabbing objectives, tarpitting something until my Blood Knights or Vampire Lord can butcher it and just being a general nuisance that can be hard to get rid of. Not much to say beyond that, though some may want to replace them with more chainrasps, I like having them for their speed and also fluff for my army.

Blood Knights - Either an amzing hammer that will wreck an army or hot trash that will do nothing. In most lists I have this issue and instead rely more on my chaff to kill things over time. After their recent banner nerf they have been hard to use and I am still trying to find a place for them. Against the Sylvaneth they did 1 wound for being destroyed, against the Stormcast they killed one unit.

Bat Swarms - I never expect them to do damage, but thats not why I bring them. They are an annoying, high wound unit that messes with shooting and helps keep my heroes alive. -2 to hit my heroes with that balissta? Yes please. Even better if they die, they can come back and you can easily pump healing into them. I find opponents focus them down like nothing else due to sheer frustration, allowing my other units to get where they need to be.

No battle report to link (as I forgot to take proper pictures beyond "cinematic" ones.
Jun 19, 2018

Allegiance: Legion of Sacrament

Mortal Realm: Shyish


- Vampire Lord On Zombie Dragon (440) - Deathlance & Shield & Chalice - Artefact : Ethereal Amulet - Lore of the Vampires : Vile Transference, Soulpike
- Vampire Lord (140) - Nightmare - Lore of the Vampires : Vile Transference, Soulpike
- Knight of Shrouds (120) - General - Command Trait : Dark Acolyte - Lore of the Death : Overwhelming Dread, Fading Vigor
- Guardian of Souls with Nightmare Lantern (140)
- Spirit Torment (120)


- 5 x Blood Knights (240)
- 5 x Blood Knights (240)
- 5 x Blood Knights (240)
- 2 x Bat Swarms (80)
- 20 x Chainrasp Horde (160)
- 10 x Dire Wolves (120)
- 5 x Dire Wolves (60)
- 5 x Dire Wolves (60)


- Mourngul (300) - Allies


- Balewind Vortex (40)

TOTAL: 2500/2500
ALLIES: 300/500

Who I have played it against

I played against a khorne army with a heavy focus on the demons and some mortals to give buffs.

Comments on units

I will skip talking about units that I have mentioned before, unless I have different comments on them

Vampire Lord on Zombie Dragon:

One of two champions this fight, she managed to act as a massive destruction, give lots of support with spells and buffs, and was an absolute tank and beatstick, killing scores of Bloodletters, an enemy mortal hero and killing the opponents Bloodthirster the second time it was summoned almost single handedly. Giving her the Ethereal Amulet is pure filth, as the shield is not a save modifier, but a gear replacement as my opponent and I read it, combine it with mystic shield and all you need to worry about is mortal wounds, which if you survive can be healed back through the chalice of blood (once), Vile Transference and The Hunger. In the future I will likely be more aggressive with her as she can both take and deal damage.

Blood Knights

Turns out that when your opponent ignores them, they are very dangerous. In small games they will be targeted down quickly, but in a big game when there is a Mourngul and Vampire Lord on Zombie dragon on the field, they can almost do whatever they want, they should have a normal vampire lord helping them, but even then they can do some serious hurt. They killed scores of Bloodletters, Khorne mortals and more importantly, swept his backline removing priests and support units, capturing one of two objectives (other held by Direwolves who wont go down easy) and in general being amazing. In the future I think I need to run a distraction so they can be ignored and get in combat.


Last ed after the first 3-4 nerfs I would have said overpriced trash, after the 5th nerf at the start of 8th I would have said flaming hot garbage that is worth less than a direwolf squad. However if you play Nighthaunt heavy with the new hero buffs, he goes from being a rubbish kind of tank to a nightmare. Buffing him to hit on 2's rerolling 1's means lots of damage, lots of healing when combined with vile transference and the spirit host and in general a monster. This time he almost solo'd a Khorne Berserker with some artifact that lets it pour out mortal wounds and with good placement, gave so many things debuffs to hit that it was crazy. He was such a big distraction that my Blood Knights could do their work, and more importantly let the Vampire Lord on Zombie Dragon be teh suprise hammer to his anvil.

Some images from the battle here