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Bone Legion!


Vampire Count
True Blood
May 27, 2009
Here's my current 2000 point army list, a classic Skeleton Legion with some nasty Bloodsvckers.

Vampire Lord
Red Fury, Infinite Hatred, Walking Death
Blood Drinker, Walach's Bloody Hauberk, Black Periapt
405 Points

Hunter in the Dark, Beguile
Sword of Might, Flayed Hauberk, Talisman of the Lycni
200 Points

Raise the Dead, Danse Macabre
Sceptre de Noirot, Gem of Blood
120 Points

Wight King
Barded Skeletal Steed
Sword of Kings, Cursed Book
140 Points

30 Skeleton Warriors
Spears, Command
Banner of the Endless Nightmare
315 Points

20 Skeleton Warriors
Banner of the Dead Legion
205 Points

10 Ghouls
88 Points

20 Grave Guard
Great Weapons, Command
Banner of the Barrows
335 Points

5 Black Knights
Standard & Musician
War Banner
189 Points

Total 1997 Points

Since the new VC book I've won 2 of 3 games against my firend, up to now my only opponent, the first was against his Beastmen with 4 chariots, Centigors, Minotaurs etc, I had Young Mannfred & 2 Vamp Heroes, I allowed myself to be flanked in the centre & let my Skeletons be pulled where they shouldn't have been, I lost but learnt a lot. More recently, I've played him using the list he's been usig a Khorne Warrior army, the first time led by Valkia, the second by regular heroes, 3 units of Warriors (10 Shield, 10 AHW, 15 Halberd & Shield I believe), several small hound units, a Giant, first game 2 Spawn, in the second game Scyla. Unfortunately for him he has no Knights or Marauders of any kind (I believe he has a knight unit now though) & he was using his Hounds as screening troops, I explained to him afterwards that he was using them badly, as I had barely any missile attacks (as it happens none at all), & so they were just getting in the way (I spent some time explaining to him why those hounds failing their Fear test meant that the Giant couldn't charge) & the centre was not a good place for the Giant. Both games he lost the Giant to my skeletons flanking & breaking him with ranks & numbers (same with Valkia, she can't do enough damage to cancel the many bonuses, especially if she hasn't charged). I invariably ended up breaking his units with numbers & challenge damage & crushed him both times, though there were some fun events, he wiped out my BKs with Bloodcurdling Roars (except for the King, obviously, who later chopped his yappy head off, heheh), & my Ghouls took down a frankly lethargic Scyla after the Ghast cowered from the scary monster. Can't wait to play him when he's got a proper army together.

I have yet to test this army against anyone else, but it seems fairly solid to me. I'll switch one Wight for a third spell on the necromancer, I reckon 3 Invocation casters will help a lot. I'm definitely not a WAACer & rarely (if ever) play tournaments so I'm not interested in dirty tricks & filthy combos., but by all means share them anyway :tongue:


Vampire Lord
True Blood
May 17, 2008
I like the Bones. :D thigh bones, rib bones, shin bones, and skull bones! The way the gleam, the way the clatter together as they walk, it drives the women mad I tell you!

No, seriously. They go mad. they're in the back ranks now.

the only big thing I can see that I'd change is the ghouls. You really don't have anything to bunker, and with no Ghoul master power...well, ten ghouls, to put it in the words of Orky cockney,
"Boss! We're gettin' shot up!"

They're goners. 10 of any of our core choices isn't going to last long. (Not 'Counts As' core. 10 CC's? Yikes! Might haveta try that someday.)

I'd drop them and give your Necro a ride on a CC. Then maybe possibly drop the black periapt on the Lord and give it to the Necro. The Sceptre on the Necro seems a bit of a waste to my eyes. He's only going to get one, maybe two castings of raise dead per turn, that 25 point magic item does give you more bang for your buck, but not enough to justify it. If you drop that, you could shave some points for another black Knight, or drop that and that Ghouls to get the upgraded CC and with a little shaving a Dispel scroll.

So, essentially, solid list. I like it, just a little magic item shuffling, and the odd ghoul or two.

Quick edit: You -could- drop the ghouls and ten of your 30 skeleton unit to give yourself a third skeleton unit. 30 skeletons is all good and well, but unless you're toting the 4 ranks banner, they're just there for cannon fodder in the Excess fashion. Another unit, and possibly magic banners! would be better in my opinion.


Vampire Count
True Blood
May 27, 2009
Quick before I go to bed (Deadline Day tomorrow, heheh)

The 30 Skeleton regiment do[/d] have the +4 Ranks banner (Endless Nightmare), & they're about the most solid anvil unit (especially next to the GG) at this point level (+6 SCR is a bit rare). A third Skelly unit would be nice (I used to run 20-30-20 as my main battle line, back in't day) but I think it needs the punch of nasty characters to tip the balance. Can't raise the dead if nobody dies, eh?

The Ghouls are quite shamelessly to fill the 3 Core requirement, they're just a handy flanking support for the main regiments, & I like the models, heheh. Plus after KOing Scyla I think I owe it to them. :D Poison FTW!

I did think about switching the Periapt round, I might exchange it for the GoB 'cos I usually keep him fairly well covered. I like the Sceptre, but it is limited by my supply of Zombie models, & regarding your other point, I don't have any Corpse Carts yet, but I'm planning to mount one of my in-the-post pair on one, so we'll see after some experimenting.

Cheers for the comments.


Vampire Thrall
True Blood
Mar 5, 2009
Hi, let me add my comments.

I agree with alot of what Onikaigo has said, especially the necromancer. I don't think, with only two wounds, you get enough out of the gem of blood, and it's damn risky if you get a miscast when you use it. If you are limited on zombies, I'd let your lord and scout vampire concentrate on summoning. With your scout vampire, its really affective to concentrate on raise dead as it's easy to cast and the zombies can be placed in really benefitial places. I don't think Van Hels really works on necromancers unless they are combined with Power stones to give them a really good chance of casting it.

Not really that much of a fan of spears on skeletons, the possible extra kills are usually more than negated by the worse save.

Other than those points, I think the rest of it looks pretty decent.