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Borgnine's Batreps - 19.06.2014 - Mannfred vs. Archaon 2600


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Jun 15, 2013

I'm going to start yet another log here on CN - I very much like the plogs here so I'll try next one with battle reports, now that I'm really battling. We'll se how it'll turn out - even if nobody will post anything it's still some recording - it'll be nice to go back in some time and how it all changed xD

Today I battled second time with my friend who sports Chaos Warriors - and nurgle mostly. We both still try to cope with some specifics of the 8th edition and it resulted in some errors that were realized much later, but I'll speak about it later.

We played on 2500 points.

My own list:

Vampire Lord on a nightmare, 4th lvl LoV, RF, QB, ToP, OB, ES

Vampire on a nightmare, 2nd lvl Metal, obsidian amulet
Vampire, AoDM, Sword of Might

21xZombies with standard
22xZombies with standard
38xGhouls with a ghast - foot vampire and banshee here

8xBlack Knights, fcg, BotB, two mounted vampires here
8xCrypt Horrors
2x1xSpirit Hosts
And that's what from me. My opponent fielded as follows [from memory ;) ]:

Chaos Lord on a chaos steed, great weapon, mark of nurgle, talisman of preservation, helm of enemies rerolling sucessful wounds - he was worried about killing blows after last battle

Chaos Hero on a demonic steed, BSB, talisman of +5 ward, mark of nurgle
Chaos Sorcerer, dispel scroll, lore of death

2xChaos Chariot of nurgle
21xChaos Warriors, GWs, mark of nurgle [sorcerer here]
5xChaos Marauders

2x5xChaos Knights, magic weapons, mark of nurgle [lord here]
Chaos Warshrine


And now, let's go onto the battle!

As you can see, we were VERY tight on space.. we could fit only single units with absolutely nothing behind them while trying to keep the 24" distance between us. Also, we had to stretch the rule about 1" apart.... We were very close to each other and so the battle started very quickly without many manouvering - not so good when facing Chaos ;/

I rolled first turn and I charged with my wolves on vanguarding marauders - they failed their fear test [the only failed fear test during the whole battle!] and wolves managed to kill some of them and win the battle!
Unfortunately, they did hold - marauders stood still and fought on while undead wolves slammed into them, devouring them alive :vampire2:

Rest of my host advanced steadily, slightly closing the ever narrow gap. And then came time for the spells! Unfortunately - it didn't fly so well. My alchemist acolyte tried to use his powers on those damned, menacing, rolling monsters of fury given body, the juggernauts! But the first spell was dispelled by the shady chaos sorcerer and the second got dispelled by a incantation from a foul scroll.

Next advanced the hosts of Chaos. One of the first things that happened that a chariot slammed right into the wolves fighting with the marauders - and hell, a powerful slam it was - wolves were torn apart in a moment by the torrent of steel and sinews. Rest of the army followed slowly, trying to brace for the upcoming charge of the vampire's host.

Below: chariot charging into the battle

After that, a sorcerer of Chaos managed to put together two deadly and poisonous spells - he hurled them against banshee, coming together with the ghouls - Lord Dragos tried to ward her off, but the second spell came through and it dissolved her ties with the corporeal world and she vanished into nothingness...

And the setup for the second turn of the battle!

The infantry of chaos warriors wandered into the forest [yes, that white spot xD ], hoping that it'll give them some cover - but the unholy monstrosities of Haralamb Gundanger, strange body parts sewn together, approached the wood, getting ready for an upcoming charge.
In the same time, Lord Dragos rode to the center of the battlefield with his undead retinue, trying to make the most beneficial charge here.

And so! The turn changed and almost all the undead broke lose. And especially grisly it was, as our general called upon the winds of magic and empowered his minions with quicker and surer moves, inflicting more accurate hits - and much helpful it was, as the minions of nurgle were covered in swarms of flies and other insects, successfully hindering the actions of their enemies.

Crypt Horrors lurched into the forest, pushing away the trees, running forward, stomping right into the waiting force of chaos. And not a meagre force it was! At least two meters high, each one encased in an unholy and resilient armor of chaos gods and with a giant weapon in both hands - like lumberjacks, reading not to fell down the trees in the forest, but rather the upcoming undead giants coming for them.
Horrors slammed into the unit, pushing away the warriors with their mass, cutting them down with all the weapons that were grafted onto their bodies. But the warrios didn't waver! They've seen worse things in the north and they responded kindly with their weapons, felling down two monsters.

Meanwhile, yet another battle raged on!

Lord Dragos was faced with two options - charging the Skullcrushers or the knights, riding together with their lord. Empowered with potent blood as he was, Dragos von Greifen was still a captain of the Prenzlauer Guard, vampiric cavalry of the Von Greifen family - he wanted to test himself againts one of the famed chaos lords. And so he charged into the knights.
Challenges were issued, but other warriors were to accept them - as Dragos first needed to slake his thirst on the warriors that were accompanying the Lord. And while champion of the Black Knights was felled by the Chaos Lord, the another vampire hero managed to mangle their champion - and this happened while Dragos massacred all of the knights under his giant blade.

While this was happening, Sorin the Vampire ran out of his ghoulish unit to intercept the juggernauts - them running into the flank of our cavalry unit would prove fatal. He couldn't hope to deafeat them all, but he could always rely on the chaos warriors' ingrained sense of honour - and challenge their leader for a battle, stalling the combat.

And so the battle raged on further.

Some black knights died, Sorin intercepted the juggernauts, hexwraiths tried their hardest to fly and do some damage, but the battlefield was not kind to them that night.

Also - chaos luetenant, mounted on a demonic mount, carrying their unholy standard, attacked the unit of Lord Dragos, dragging our hero vampire into a challenge - and so it came to it - the General Vampire stood against the Chaos Lord. They fought.
Dragos was hacking as strong as he could, raging with all the blood flowing through his veins - but he only managed to wound his enemy. The Chaos Lord was encased in a hard armor, adorned with unholy artifacts and his gods were most pleased with him after his earlier efforts - he also wounded the Vampire. Next to him, his own vampiric squire was felled by the barbarian hero on a demonic mount. This loss weakened his link with the wight knights - and they crumbled away right next to him. The battle was turning dire, but Sorin still hold his flank and dead ogres still fiercely fought with the warriors.

Trying to salvage the situation, Lord Dragos called the invocation of Nehek - trying to raise his fallen comrades from the ground. His influence flown into the forest nearby and raised two of the dead ogres. Chaos Warriors were shocked with this development, but the fought on bravely.
Unfortunately, he wasn't able to raise his wight retinue, the ling that that shady necromancer provided him with was already gone. Lord Dragos was alone on the battlefield. He invigorated himself casting spells, regenerating his own wounds and once again blessed his troops with truer strikes and plunged into yet another fight with the Chaos General.

But the enemy proved stronger. Blows of the enemy lord were powerfull and his defence especially strong - strengthened even more by the banner flowing nearby. Dragos stood, but as the enemies pushed forward even more, he felt his own animalistic instinct taking over, protecting his own vampiric unlife - he dissolved into a flock of bats and ran away from the battlefield. Vampires are hard to kill, but when threatened with demise, they turn back into animals they are inside and run away, perhaps redying for a revenge later.

This was a terrible blow on the army - zombies started to crumble, ghouls started to run away and crypt horrors started to rot away without their leader's magical influence. In the same time vampire Sorin was felled by the monstrous juggernaut.

Thankfully, zombified ogres managed to hack away every single chaos warrior in the forest and emerged from it, trying to kill something more before the magic binding them together would dissipate completely.

But as you could probably predict, it was over - chaos warriors ran down the remaining ghouls, ghosts and zombies. The battle was lost, but the vampires ran away - and they sure will devise a better plan next time, having learned from this loss.


So, I lost. And I blame it mostly on my decisions on the battlefield. Engaging a Chaos Lord in a challenge wasn't the best idea, even when I had my blender lord - It could be also rolls, but he still hacked away my black knights and beaten me with CR. There was also a thing that we fought as many challenges as there was possible during a single combat - only lately we learned that you can do only a one challenge per combat :slapface: It could help something, but well, I'll see that next time.

Also, my hexwraiths weren't able to do ANYTHING in this battle, as they couldn't ran over anything because of how crowded it all was and because knights had those magic weapons. My banshee was killed a little to soon, my Lore of Metal didn't work out and ghouls got stuck on a single stupid rock in the middle of their way - and they just couldn't pass it :slapface: Also - that Mark of Nurgle - that's tough!

But on the other hand - blender lord mowing down chaos knights was sweet, vanhels dance macabre is a must have when fighting nurgle and crypt horrors were awesome as well - at least I tried that xD

Now I need to think about some new strategies about those armored bastards and what's even more interesting - the next match. We agreed on trying our special characters - Archaon vs. Mannfredd - we'll see how that'll turn out :) Maybe next time we won't be so crowded on a battlefield and also maybe next time I'll manage to bring a Terrorgheist into the combat! :vampire3:

Big thanks for reading, if you've made it that far :)

Any comments about the battle, some hints about how to play better or berating me for some mistakes are definitely welcome xD As are absolutely any advices about how to field Manny or how to beat Archaon ;)



Grave Guard
Feb 27, 2014
RE: Borgnine's Batreps - 10.05.2014 - vs. Nurgle Chaos Warriors 2500 pts

Nice report, Borg.

Nothing like watching two beautifully painted armies battle it out on the enchanted wooden table of battle!


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Jun 15, 2013
RE: Borgnine's Batreps - 10.05.2014 - vs. Nurgle Chaos Warriors 2500 pts


Well, sometimes all you have is a wooden table ;) It's better still than a carpet with a wild floral design on which you can't even see the minis clearly :tongue:


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Jun 15, 2013
RE: Borgnine's Batreps - 10.05.2014 - vs. Nurgle Chaos Warriors 2500 pts

Last battle - Mannfred vs. Archaon, 2600 points! Result - WIN

The shortened list used:


Hero Vampire, OTS
Wight King, Nightshroud
2x30 Zombies
2x5 Dire Wolves
38 Ghouls
37 Grave Guard
2x5 Hexwraiths
2x2 Fell Bats
1 Terrorgheist

Lore of Nurgle sorcerer
Hero BSB on a Demonic Steed
2x5 Marauder Horsemen
18 Marauders of Khorne
2 Chariots of Nurgle
5 Warhounds
8 Knights
3 Skullcrushers
1 Hellcannon
This time, unfortunately without pictures, I forgot to take the camera after checking several times if I took my minis, rules, dice and such :rolleyes: I'll be brief. Highlights at the end :)

The beginning was rather usual - two big blocks with main heroes on the opposite sides of the battlefield. My GG unit with all the characters was flanked by Fell Bats, one Zombie unit and HW and his were flanked with Chariots. Away on the another side of the table were Skullcrushers and the Hellcannon - with a zombie unit and a TG against them.

Wolves, Hexes and bats run through to the front - wolves died a valiant death, redirecting chariots, one fell bat unit perished quickly while the another nested itself on a hill and thanks to Mannfred rose to 8 bats at one point o.o Redirected units were a tasty target for the HW and they finally scored some wounds - last battle they were useless.

Archaon was afraid to charge into the bats and then be redirected into zombies or get flanked, so he stayed in one place, sitting ducks. That was quite pleasant for me.

On the other side of the battle Hellcannon wasn't of much use and Terrorgheist was singlehandedly pressuring three units into hiding - even Skullcrushers were afraid of getting bogged into a battle with the Zombies. Eventually they did a double charge on them with the foot marauders - then they rolled kinda bad and the zombies stood - only for the giant bat to land nearby and dissolve two Skullcrushers into nothigness xD First time I managed to kill those guys.

Chariots were weakened by Hexies and ghouls found an opening to Archaons unit. They charged together with HW from the flank and the rear. Hexies were smashed easily even from behind, while ghouls managed to kill a single knight :zombie:

In front of that battle was a hill with fellbats fighting a chariot - a chariot weakened to a single wound by the Hexies and yet they weren't able to dent it - there is little in our army that can really fight xD I stopped rezzing them and when only two remained I was finally able to charge the chariot with the deathstar. Mannfred smashed it almost immediately :vampire3: They overran and smashed right into the front of Archaon's unit - while a 60 strong unit of zombies attacked from the other side and yet another unit of hexies were running to attack the rear. In that battle Archaon lost his luck his own demonic sword inflicted two wounds on him and then ward saves began rolling 1s and 2s - i got OTS by him, but it wasn't needed. Grave Guards impaled him on their swords and with his death, my opponent resigned - especially that TG made a mincemeat of his troops on the other side.

All in all, it was a fun game and while I was still making mistakes, I was playing more tactically and it payed off. Mannfred and Archaon never really exchanged blows though - but they did battle with their magic ;) Archaon managed to fry a single magic level of him and take Vanhels away from him, adding the spell to his own - thankfully it works only on 'Undead' :vampire3:

Also - I wanted to throw a Purple Sun at the end for the hell of it, but that was also the point at which he decided that it was time to use Dispel Scroll ;)


Hellcannon - during the whole game it killed 6 dogs, 3 of mine and 3 of his :slapface: Then it misfired twice and exploded.

Magic - Only a single miscast in the whole game and a very light one, even when chucking large amount of dice. Also, chaos warriors never really rolled well for the magic.

Overrun - When BSB joined into the battle of skullcrushers and marauders with zombies, he was positioned to overrun into the Terrorgheist which I forgot to move a turn earlier - but then he rolled snake eyes and I was able to run away from him and then scream him to death.


Master of the Dark Arts - twice in the game I rolled 4 & 1 for winds of magic and twice I managed to re-roll these 1s into another 1s.

First scream - only one marauder dead ;)


A marauder horseman champion - his pals killed by Hexies - he run unscathed through big unit of zombies and an even bigger unit of grave guards - only after that he regained his cool, charged the deathstar, challenged Mannfred to a duel - only to end as a power dice in the next turn ;)


1. Hexwraiths REALLY need the march bubble to be able to manauver and soulstride effectively.
2. Terrorgheist also benefits from that, but he kinda manages - and he's a monstrous Killing Machine ;)
3. If you want a tarpit, field 30 zombie units. I wanted to field them 20 strong and then raise them - BUT! - zombies are not always in the range of the spell and being able to stand more than a single charge will prove invaluable for the Terrorgheist.
4. Hexies may have S5 armor-ignoring attacks, but first they need to hit them - they don't fare well in direct combat, especially against Nurgle xD
5. Deploy your fell bats BEHIND the vanguarding wolves, not in front of them :slapface:
EDIT: 6. Luck definitely plays a large-ish role in the game.
7. Soulblight FTW. It turns the scary chaos knights into something completely manageable.

And I think that's all for now.

Maybe I'll manage to get some photos of the final confrontation from my friend, I'll post them later, should I get them ;)

'Till next time :vampire3:


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Aug 23, 2011
Nice report, congrats on the win.

I often take Mannfred, but take the hero version. I find he is great for loremaster (lov) and the sword of extra power/dispel dice. By taking the 'Mini Manny' I can still afford a maxed out blender lord and a master necro lvl4 with death if I want it. To me this is a better use of points as while very cool I do think the lord version of Mannfred costs too much for something so fragile and with no ward. Still, great to see him get some use ;)


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Jun 15, 2013
Thanks ;)

Now that I am thinking about it, I never really considered the hero Mannfred o.o But reconsidering it, it may be an interesting idea. Maybe he's just LV2, but having a loremaster is always a helpful thing. I'll try it someday ;)