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Buildind my Lahmian army


Crypt Horror
Ok so I decided to start a log to show my army progress!

For a while it might be more about modelling than painting, but I guess once there's nothing left to build I'll be forced to paint :lol:

I've build a lot of unit lately, so I think it's a good time to start!

A lot of pics bellow:

Characters; Some GW, some Reapers, AoW Vampires and other picked here and there. Some are more (will be) for display purpose though, not everything are suited for the battlefield!

Skeletons; The main core of my army, Lahmia need Skeletons! About 120 models here.

Ghouls; At first there wasn't any in my army as they weren't fitting in the theme. I worked hard to be able to create suitable models, devised some "fluff" for it, and now I will be able to vary my core a bit! Half the unit is built, so will have a unit of 28 in the end. The Mantic one are just too nice to not use, will work as secondary unit when I need it.

Dire Wolves; Basic wolves from previous edition, nothing special here!

Fell Bat 1; These are my "Gargoyles" Fell Bat. Metal Chaos Furies with scenic bases all painted with the same stone colors for a better effect!

Fell Bat 2; Standard models, I personally think the models are nice enough, so I decided to keep them!

Wights; Mix of Grave Guards and Black Knights. The Knights are straight up Empire Knights models, so they can travel around inconspicuously with my Vampires :vampire3:

Wraith; I like Wraith! Mostly old models, and any double I have got a Dremel in the face for a "faceless" look!

Blood Knights; Not totally done, but replaced the head and lance. Gave them Empire Knight head to represent seduced champions and heroes, basically like the 'Swains' from the 6th edition book (I liked that concept).



Crypt Horror

First update, I receive my Skeletons today, and I'm happy xD After fiddling with them, and getting all the body together (as I also got a bag of bitz that contained lots of unmade one, more than I expected!) I ranked them all into a big unit :)

That's 114 models there, I expected 88 + whatever was in the bitz package, maybe 5-8 more models, but got 26 more xD

Now I need to pimp them all (mold line scrapping, repositioning on base, repairing, building) so I guess I'll be working on skeletons for a while now :lol:


Vampire Count
True Blood
114?! good luck! You have some very nicely painted models. I cant wait to see your female ghoul unit painted, they are really well put together
Looks like this is going to be a really nice army, I'll keep an eye on this thread.

And once you start working on the ladies expect DoN to be drawn here like a moth to flame! ;)
Wow thats a hell of a lot of skellies :tongue: great looking force so far you got a really nice selection of models in it :)

the converted female ghouls are very nice, a good combination of parts there. I like the idea behind the black knights being fully armoured so as they can move around without creating suspicion think thats the most blood knight models i've seen i 1 place too :tongue:

looking forward to seeing more
Looks really good. Keep them coming! Are there close ups of the some of the stuff in the first pic? Like that freak'n huge guy. What's he for? Unit filler? Just keep him off to the side to play mind games with your enemy?


Crypt Horror
Thanks all :)

@Burnanation : I might take some shot at the different characters later. As for the large guy, take a look at my post in the Golden Bat painting thread to get an idea :)


He's based on Scarmiglione (or Milon Z), a boss monster from Final Fantasy II (or IV, your pick ;)). The most probable use of the big one is as a Varghulf though as he's on a 50mm base. But it was a "fun project" first, game use was pretty much secondary in this case xD
dude.. where did you get the skellies? They remind me of the Old skeleton Horsemen I used to have, even came with the optional breastplate. Man I miss those models.


Crypt Horror
They remind you of the Horsemen because they are the same models :devil2:

Skeletons Warriors, Horsemen and Chariots used the same sprue so it was the same models for everything.

I hunted them on eBay, because to me they are simply the best Skeletons around! For a long time I wanted more of these, and now I finally got a decent number of Skeletions xD With the deal I got it ended up being less than 1$ per model, wich is very good to me!
Wow, impressive work! :D Especially I like your Skeletons, I love Skeletons too (I have about 120-130 models xD), shame that they are not as good as before in game terms. :rolleyes: But the best thing is they look good and maybe someday they are good again. :) Looking forward to see more pics.


Crypt Horror
I've worked on some special Skeletons the last few days (I can be slow sometime!):

So Orcs Skeletons that I made since it's pretty hard to get hold on some Cursed Company models (and by hard I mean expensive). One of my opponent is an Orcs so they are the one that interest me, but I decided to make my own instead xD

Used 5th edition Skeletons as they are quite big and hunched already, with Orcs choppa and head from the GW skull pack. Had to change their posture a bit since Orcs have their butt sticking out, so had to make that too!

Two of them will have a shield, and I will spread them in my units. The primed one was a previous test so I made 3 more with the remaining skulls. Perfect to put in the front line to taunt the Orcs :lol:


Master Liche
True Blood
aye yes cursed company is hard to get them if you didnt get them when they were carried in the stores. I got a full regiment, and one extra command. I love your army so far, The old skeletons are awsome indeed I have many of them and even have a full unit I tured into spartans. Wish gw never stoped making that sprue. What are you using for the head on your orc models. (tip for other creatures try chainmail minitures, they have a undead line gotta seach on ebay but they cheap).


Vampire Lord
True Blood
Woa... thats one huge pile of models! :O

Good luck painting them all!

The orcs look a bit... weird without all their muscles and pointy teeth. Will be interesting to see them painted. :)

So far, the stuff that you've got painted, look awesome. This army will be a beauty on the table. can't wait to see that HUGE skeleton unit completed. ;)


Crypt Horror
A little bump for this log! While my VC army took a setback with the new Tomb Kings release, I haven't forgotten them! But just like my TK, it's more about building some models rather than painting, I have no idea when I'll get to paint these fella, probably around the VC release for 8th edition ;)

But while working on my Hierotitan for my TK (see my tale of painters log in my sig), I had a lot of time between green stuff session to work on other things. Of those thing, I finished 2 units I wanted to do for quite some time in my VC.

First to be done was my Spirit Host. I just like the feel of them model-wise! I don't remember who on this forum made it, but the huge 20 or so bases of ghosts was quite inspiring! So I too bought a box of those LotR Ghosts to add to what I had, then added some more model from various army I had around, and I ended up with a quite big Spirit Host myself!

Only a single picture, but still, you should see the essential, there's no major converting going on anyway;

So that's 18 bases of ghost goodness, and I still have enough for 2-3 base at least, I might do 2 more at some point to fill the space it make in my foam tray :tongue:

Next was my Blood Knights. The majority of the conversion work were already done, but had to glue the part and do some green stuff mainly. I also took the opportunity to add some metal rod for support to every models, I had fear that with only 1 hoof on the ground, they could eventually break (yay metal models!...). Only the champion will have an obvious rod sticking out of the horse belly, but I'll take that over broken model ;)

Again, a single, not-so-good picture, bare metal don't photograph well :(

I used Empire Knights heads to go with my Army theme. To me they are more or less a unit of 'Swain', for those who remember the 6th edition book. So a bunch of champions and heroes that have been seduced and granted the blood kiss by their mistress, now fighting for her cause, whatever it may be!


Crypt Horror

There's quite a few thing I would like to paint, but I'm not in a painting mood right now! It's usually a cycling thing, I buid a lot of stuff, then I get a short burst of painting madness untill I fall back again into modelling :tongue:
But what's weird is that I built way more than I paint, but it looks like I'm never out of models to build xD


Crypt Horror
Kassill said:
Good good stuff here! Show us more! :konrad:
I don't have much more to show for now, but come january I might get the urge to work more on my Vampires!

gorethumb said:
good god! two boxes of blood knights? how much did that end up setting you back? very good theme look forward to seeing more
Not as much as it look! At the time (soon after release, price went up not long after), I got some deal and got each box for about $50-55 USD, so it was a fairly good price considering what it was :D

brianritson said:
This is terrific. I too am working on a Lahmian army and this is most inspiring especially the lady ghouls. :thumbsup:

I will keep an eye on this log as it progresses.

Thanks, as said above, starting january with the new release, I might give more love to my VC :)