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Bunch of Vamps and other Fantasy items for sale.

Oct 8, 2008
Willing to move this stuff cheap! Shoot me some offers! Don't force me to put this stuff up on evilbay....

I have tons of great trade refs on b-town. I'm located in Ontario Canada and would prefer to ship to the USA/Canada.


- Skrag (metal) PIC
- 1 tyrant plus lots of bits PIC
- 2 Greasus goldtooth (metal) PIC
- 2 sabretusks (metal) PIC
- 2 boxes of plastic gnoblars PIC
- 1 metal unassembled scraplauncher PIC
- 1 metal assembled scraplauncher PIC
- 21 plastic gnoblars PIC
- 1 plastic iron blaster / scraplauncher on spruce PIC
- 8 leadbelchers on spruce PIC
- 11 Blisters of metal gnoblar trappers PIC

***All newest edition plastics***
- Vlad (in blister - metal) PIC
- 20 Ghouls (on spruce) PIC
- 20 Skeletons (on spruce) PIC
- 40 Grave Guard (primed) PIC
- 27 Grave Guard (bare) PIC
- 40 Ghouls (painted) PIC
- 9 Crypt Horrors (primed) PIC

- 20 Teutogen Guard PIC

- 2 sets of modular movement trays (1 mint) PIC
- Have GW gaming board (6 sections) painted and flocked. Can't ship this one, but willing to drive if need be in Southern Ontario.
- Beast of Nurgle (metal in blister) PIC
- 4 cockatrice (yes 4 for some reason - oop metal ones) PIC
- 20 oop metal imperial GW halflings
- 1 limited edition night goblin fantaic PIC
- 1 blister of goblin shaman (has a night goblin and regular goblin) PIC

Hellblaster PIC
Undead painted characters PIC
Undead Sphinx PIC
Bases PIC
Smaug PIC
Carrion PIC
Undead Chariot PIC
Catapult 1 PIc
Catapult 2 POIC
Bone throwers PIC
Bone Giant 1 PIC
Marauders PIC
Undead Characters 1 PIC
Bone Giant 2 PIC
Undead Characters 2 PIC
Undead Cav PIC


- Cash offers via paypal
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