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Burke and Hare type Unit Filler

Christophe von Carstein

Vampire Count
True Blood
Aug 30, 2008
Hey Guys

I watched the film Burke and Hare starring Simon Pegg and Andy Serkis last night and decided that a sort of grave robbing scenario as a unit filler would be cool especially as I love the dark history of the city of Edinburgh and Scotland, but got a bit stumped on an idea of how to go about it.

Anyone got any ideas??



Vampire Count
Aug 11, 2012
I've got some old unit fillers involving zombies collecting body parts to make new zombies, it was pretty easy to make a partly opened grave and a zombie with a shovel. You could use some Empire militia parts as a starting point for living grave robbers.

Or how about...


From Foundry Miniatures


Lord of RAW
Staff member
True Blood
Dec 29, 2010
THose guys are pretty cool shadespyre, I'll have to look into those for myself :konrad:

Duke Danse Macabre

The Duke
True Blood
Sep 16, 2010
Well models aside I think you should use set it as a open grave with them hiding in it peeking over the side as a zombie militia wanders by.....

Otherwise you could go with another movie "I sell the dead" and have a open tomb from the garden of mor kit and have a ghoul sitting up out of the partially open tomb with its hands around one of their necks whilst the other looks ready to hit it in the face with a shovel. (from the empire cannon kit)

Best of luck mate and I will look forwards to seeing how it turns out.