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Cairn Wraiths Unit (8th ed rare choice)


Black Knight
Nov 10, 2007
After more than a year attempting to replicate my 35 years' enamel painting style in acrylics, I have instead tried a more 'modern' method. I say more modern, but I have since been advised this is actually so very 2010!! On advice, I got myself some Army Painter Quickshade Dark Tone and did the basic block painting of 10 Cairn Wraiths.

They are actually AoS figures (Night Haunt or something) that I obtained at a bargain price with the crazy bases hacked up so that they now fit on 20mm bases, and they even rank up - to my surprise.

WIP - Here they are ready for the dip! (My first ever attempt at such!)


Here's a close up of the (what seems to me very strange) basic but neat paint job!


Then I prayed hard to unholy Nagash - may his curse fall upon all the living - and I applied the dip everywhere but NOT on the light blue part, as even I could see it probably wouldn't work well there. I had tested on the light blue and the dark grey. It seemed ok on the latter! I was hoping it will make the skulls, hands and gravestones pop! I just dry brushed the light blue with an almost white blue. And then, for the first time in 35 years, I used varnish on them!!!!!!

PS: A unit of 10 if these (rare choice, VC) are expensive, I know. But all the regular VC field armies in the campaign have been beat and now the living armies face marching into the spooky heartlands to finish the job off. I want that region to be tough, filled with ghosts and monsters and such as these!

In the end I like them a lot, despite being pretty different to what I have done in the last 35 years of painting. I have plans to use this same technique on a few projects, including a small (ish) regiment of Skaven next.