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Cancer Benefit in Rockford Illinois

Corien Sumatris

Vampire Count
True Blood
Jul 3, 2013
Hey ya'll,

Just a bit of an inspirational story to brighten some peoples days!

So yesterday (sunday January 19th), The Games Workshop in Rockford Illinois held it's last tournament ever in the store (it's shutting down at the end of this month). The tourney was random teams for 40k, and there was about 30 people who showed up to play. This tournament was to help one of our local members of the community who just found out that his daughter has thyroid cancer. Total we raised just under $900 which will help with medical bills and to support monthly bills since she is too ill to work.

Nerds are the best guys! Give the entire GW community a high five because without GW we wouldn't have been able to make this a success!


True Blood
May 15, 2008
That's wonderful! A relative of mine had thyroid cancer and they had to remove his entire thyroid gland. I'm glad so much money was raised, good job WH community!