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Crypt Horror
Mar 14, 2009
Bat country
Hi there all,

as im in need of some candles for my scenery project in the topic somewhere in this subforum, i made some. I want to show you how i did it. i think it looks nifty and its reasonable fast.

first we need some materials and tools
- electrical wire
- paperclip
- clippers
- superglue
- plyers (to not-glue your fingers onto the little candles)

cut small pieces from the green-yellow wire.
step 2
push out the copper wire and clip off a little piece of it. after this. slide the copper back in
Step 3
glue in a paperclip
step 4
after drying, cut off the paperclip to the size you want. This will be your candle-wire
step 5
paint/put them in clusters or whatever is needed

i made 12 at the moment in very little time. still need to paint them. However. by the looks of it. its a neat candle for scenery purposes. its not the best there is i guess. but far fast/quick and easy candles. i think this is quite a good way to go.

Oke, so the candles arent lit. but they are candles at least! :P
i can imagine another step where you would attach little balls of greenstuff making them into flames. but its too much work for me. im satisfied with the unlit candles.

I hope you think this was usefull... that wasmy only point :P


Master Liche
True Blood
Jun 6, 2010
It is very intesting and reminds us to look at what we have around us to solve idea and problems. I would add green stuffed flames. to be honest. Great tutorial thanks.


Grave Guard
Dec 22, 2010
I've used basically the same method.

One major suggestion is to not clip the wire straight when its in the sheath and after snipping the internal wire and moving it back, consider either using a real candle to melt the end a bit or use some green stuff after adding the wick to make it look slightly melted.

The big issue is that a lot of people tend to think the unmodified ones look a lot like dynamite sticks (Which is cool in its own way, but not for candles)

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