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Disciple of Nagash

Staff member
Feb 12, 2008
Well I said I would do it, and I have finally started making the Carpe Noctem Medals.

For those who don't know what they are, they are small icons that are shown in your posting profile in recognition for certain actions or achievements.

In this thread I will post an example of the medal, the requirements for it, and who to speak to to have your medal applied to your account.

The Vampire Council Medals

ai282.photobucket.com_albums_kk241_MrandMrsGoth_TVCGold.gif - The Vampire Council Roleplay Gold Medal - For players in The Vampire Council Roleplay, who have posted in 15 or more main chapters.

ai282.photobucket.com_albums_kk241_MrandMrsGoth_TVCSilver.gif - The Vampire Council Roleplay Silver Medal - For players in The Vampire Council Roleplay, who have posted in 5 or more main chapters.

Application: Send PM to Disciple of Nagash

Golden Bat Painting Competition Medals

Both medals have either W for Winter or S for Summer, followed by the last two digits of the year. So for example W08 is the Winter 2008 competition.

ai282.photobucket.com_albums_kk241_MrandMrsGoth_GoldenBatGold.gif - The Golden Bat Winner Medal - For the winner of the Golden Bat Competition.

ai282.photobucket.com_albums_kk241_MrandMrsGoth_GoldenBatSilver.gif - The Golden Bat 2nd Place Medal - For the 2nd place of the Golden Bat Competition.

Application: N/A: Will automatically be placed on the winner's profiles.

The Invocation Medals

ai282.photobucket.com_albums_kk241_MrandMrsGoth_InvocationGoldMedal.gif - The Invocation Gold Medal - For members who have contributed to 3 or more issues to the Invocation.

ai282.photobucket.com_albums_kk241_MrandMrsGoth_InvocationSilverMedal.gif - The Invocation Silver Medal - For members who have contributed to 1-2 issues of the Invocation.

This first topic will be updated as and when new medals are added.


Oct 28, 2007
Brooklyn, NY
My medals went away? :(

I can't find any update on the issue in the news section but they are all gone...

I was hoping to add to them with the next Invocation issue.



Staff member
True Blood
Nov 26, 2008
It looks like all of our models have disappeared, actually.
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