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Carry Case Advice

Feb 20, 2017
Hi Guys,

After taking the plunge and grabbing myself a Zombie Dragon i'm now met with the dilemma of how to safely transport the beastie.

I'm not really wanting to punt for the oversized aluminium case and precut foam that KR are offering. I'm toying with the idea of a separate smaller case but unsure what route to take.

does anyone have any suggestions?



Sleepless Knight
True Blood
Dec 25, 2010
I wrote a review of the Table War Mark III a while back. Hell of a case, gotta say. Might be worth a read if you'd be considering a more long-term fix for your problem.


I'll quote the tl:dr for you in case it's not what you're interested in, especially since you mentioned disinterest in the big case. Good luck!

So pro's:
This is a heavy duty case with some cool features (you can order more shelves/magnet options, cup holders for the sides--I'm not kidding, cup holders--, and it's got enough versatility that I don't see myself having any problem fitting 85% of what I'll be taking to a tournament in this one case. Options to throw locks on the clasps are nice, too.

A little heavy, especially all populated with dudes in it, but that's party of the structural soundness I believe. That drawer sorta just sitting in there feels a little tacked on, there could have been some runners on it, but it fits snug enough that it's not going anywhere. The whole box locks down pretty tight when all the clasps are down. The door coming all the way off is a bit of a pro /and/ a con. I'd like a way to lock the door on when it's open, but it's nice have full access to the contents of the case when the door is off and the lid is up. Also, some of the interior vinyl they've dressed it in isn't the best fitting. They've glued the sheets around a wood frame obviously, and some of the workmanship there could be a little better, but again it's not a glaring problem.


Minister of Thriftiness
Dec 9, 2013
I use a hard plastic file box. I magnetized the two long walls and the base. I use it to carry 2.5 terrorgheists and Nagash. The half terrorgheist is a conversion that's much smaller but on the same base. Without Nagash, it could probably fit four terrogheists. I'm currently trying to see if it can also fit my mourngul, but it fit in a regular pluck foam tray, so it's not as important. The only time I've had a problem was when I dropped it once. Riding in the car is fine as long as it doesn't tip over and even then they only detach like half the time but with no damage.The whole setup cost about $20.

Note: I had to scratch up the walls of the case and the bottoms of the magnets to get the glue to stick (That was 3 years ago) and I haven't had to re-stick them since. Also, the magnets should have a rating of 3 or better. I used the printable photo magnet sheets from Hobby Lobby.


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