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Cav-Star in 9th age v1.3


Grave Guard
Jul 17, 2014
With the changes to blade of red thirst I can see a cav-star being a lot better in v1.3. Each unsaved wound can get back a 50pt black knight or half of a 110pt blood knight. This essentially kills the need for evocation to be cast on the unit especially if the sword wielder has crimson rage. Additionally having a cav-star synergies well with occultism and the pentagram of pain. What do you think is a Cav-star a good idea. Has 1.3 made the vamp cav-star great again?


Grave Guard
Jun 3, 2015
Yeah I was thinking this too. Funny how dumming down the blade has opened up another avenue for it, but yeah that blood knight unit is just killer nasty with a beefed up BotD.