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Chaos Lord in End Times

First off I admit that this will be a very strange question.

What are the chances that a chaos worshiper (Sorcerer) go against the will of the chaos gods during the end times because they thinks it's too far?

Also assuming they did what would happen to them? and any power they wielded while they worshiped the chaos gods?

Thank you in advance.
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I don't think a typical chaos worshipper would do as you suggest, since they are working for exactly that; the destruction of the civilized world. There is, however, an "unofficial" chaos god named Malal (or Malice) who is essentially anti-chaos embodied. His followers exist only to destroy other followers of chaos, and perhaps he would be able to ensnare someone who has already been taken in by one of the other gods. I've read somewhere that Malal-worshippers have turned up to aid the forces of order on occasion before the end times, so I'm sure they would be around for this as well.
It was meant to be a sorcerer from Cathay and they worshiped Tzeentch in a very different way to most other worshippers. Also seeing their home destroyed around them "might" have them have a change of heart.

Also it has been done in the past someone turning away from the chaos gods (40K though)
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All good stories involve some sort of deviation from the norm. If you feel that your chaos worshipper would stray from the path of darkness he can certainly do so, the gods will not approve however.


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I think it's definitely viable to have Tzeentch allow his worshippers to try to get away from him while he curiously watches on. That too is also a kind of change, after all. ;)

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And I've read in a number of rulebooks, at least the 40K ones, that sometimes he deliberately lets his plans fall apart just so he's got something to do later, because if the Schemer won and had nothing left to do, then he'd die, or something like that. This would certainly fall into this category. Deliberately making it harder for himself.
A character for the story:
They worshiped Tzeentch, when he betrayed him he was killed for it and Tzeentch was going to take his soul but that didn't happen he woke up in a Shaolin monk temple. They taught him a few tricks to hide from the gods of chaos. He uses this ability to obtain some knowledge like stealing demons and knowledge from the gods. However on the downside if he uses the knowledge and magic of chaos it attracts the attention of the chaos gods.

This is my take on the sorcerer in my army fluff and I have deliberately left a hole or two in the story
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