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Chaos Warriors a Plenty

Jul 15, 2011
So...as the title suggests..its a question about Chaos. I have a gmae next tues at 2k points against a WoC player and I have a few questions cause i've not played against them in the new book. I've got the previous edition but not the hard back one so don't really know what they can throw down.

His game yesterday was 2 blocks of Chaos Warriors, 2 Blocks of Knights, 2 Gore beast Chariots, a Sorcerer Lord and a Lord running around on his own.

How have you VC players found playing against WoC armies?
What have you struggled against?
Should I plan anything in particular?

the one thing i've noticed about WoC ios that they hit hard and generally hit fast, from the outset it feels like unless i cause some damage which given they mostly have a 2+/3+ saves s highly unlikely I'm going to get crushed in combat and then combat rez is going to finish units off.

I'm going to be running an Undead Legion army and i'm going to go as heavy cavalry as I can..just because i'm a bretonian at heart even if its a dead one :)

The one confidence is that I know i can build a Lord that will be able to stand toe to toe with the best he has to offer but I don't want to just rely on him.

Any help would be apprecatied!


Mortarch of the Dark Soul
True Blood
Dec 23, 2012
Raise Dead, Curse of Years and Blender Vampires with +2 strength (i.e. ogre blade or great weapons) are key. Infantry units I think overall tar pit better than cavalry. Terrorgiests and hexwraiths destroy Chaos Knights. So redirect, engage with blenders on key units, throw Curse of Years on his biggest, most armored unit and then scream or run through his knights.