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the hidden one

Streets Ahead
Jan 20, 2012
Igor smiled to himself as he threw his cloak on.

"Almost too easy. No guards on the roof."

Around 10 houses away, Igor moved.

He was smart enough to move side to side, and around two houses away, he stopped in a millisecond. Crouching low, he snuck across the roof, jumping to the next house, right next to the storehouse.

Three guards were garrisoned at the door, and he already knew one was at the back entrance. He used the only method possible. He jumped, pulling out his torch and whispering and incantation to light it. As one, the guards became aware of his presence. The alarm was sounded, but it was too late. Igor dropped a torch on a guard, melting his skin, and he died in agony, but not before Igor landed, cloak billowing in the wind.

Before the guards could react, he plunged his daggers into their eye sockets, killing them instantly. The last guard was a little smarter, and hung back, trying to catch Igor by surprise, but he was little match for the assassin, and he too died to the daggers bite.

Now, speed was more important than stealth. Taking the blood on his daggers, he began to write.

Behold. The work of the night.

Then, he slipped away effortlessly into the embrace of his night.

the hidden one

Streets Ahead
Jan 20, 2012
Two days later, Igor moved swiftly, hooded and blending in to the huge croud. His daggers were concealed in arm sheaths, but his cloak was absent.

No cloak, less stealth. Need to be careful.

He continued on, passing the site of his previous attack. Soldiers still guarded, but they could not wash off the blood, despite their best efforts. He smiled grimly to himself, and walked on.

Soon, he approached his destination. A store, with the sign reading:
Aaron's Workshop

He quickly walked through the door to find a dusty, unnocupied shop. He walked into the back room, quietly snuck down hidden stairway and walked into a stone room, with a lone figure standing, back to Igor.

Finally. Two days seems long enough to walk around the city. The misterious figure said, unprompted by Igor.

Well, It is a big city, Igor said, half mockingly, I needed to have some fun. Igor smiled and embraced the man like a brother.

How have you been? The man asked, It has been much to long since we last fought together.

Three years? Yes three years it was Nathan. In Nuln. The fools had no idea what was happening. Igor sighed. He loved Nathan like a brother, and would go to the ends of the earth to protect him. He was twenty years younger than Nathan, but Igor knew that Nathan was still young at heart, even if he was a vampire.

So, what do you want to do?

the hidden one

Streets Ahead
Jan 20, 2012
Don't know. I was doing a small job, but that was easy. How did you know I was in the city? Igor asked, smiling despite himself, already knowing the answer.

The magician never reveals, am I right? Nathan said back, smiling as well, I take it that the little ruckus was you? Some job that requires you to right in blood. You should do what I did and retire from work, it is much less stressful, and you have more time for, shall we say, excitement? Nathan's eyes took on a predatory gleam as he said the last phrase, one that Igor knew all to well, for after he had fled from his sire, he found Nathan, and soon a brotherhood of sorts was formed. He knew little about Nathan before, but they spent the next decade together, fighting together, growing together, and eventually settling into who they were.

Nathan was a trickster at heart, with love for petty spells that would fling sand or trip enemies, while Igor was the blades, loving to get in close with his daggers in order to surprise enemies.

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